Someone else’s problem

I have a female friend in my office. She married and has two chidren. Her marriage is very harmony. I see it myself, I know her husband too. She has a best friend since high school. A girl too, but her best friend likes to be a boy. ( hereinafter called as he ).  He underwent hormonal treatment. His voice like my friend said is very male moice.  His body is a little plump. My friend also tells me that he  could become angry if called as a woman. Now he has a closed and serious girlfriend and he wants to marry her. His girlfriend also knew that her boyfriend was a she. But her parents still don’t know yet. And her girlfriend’s father wants to visit him.  He asked advice from his friends  where the prospective father in-law has to stay while visiting. Hotel or his home ?

Now her best friend seems in a complicated situation. Even my friend participated confused and ask for opinions on my other friends when she was in  office. Willing to defend him or his girlfriend.  If she defended him, what about his girlfriend’s fate ?  Otherwise if she defended her best friend’s girlfriend, what about his fate ?

My advice is so simple, don’t think too deep about it. Cause  it is someone else’s problem. At least for me

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