Weekend without crossdressing

Yesterday, it was Sunday. A holiday to me. But I didn’t feel too excited. Beside my health was not too good, weather factors also tend to hot and humid. So I just spent it with relaxed. Enjoyed the  atmosphere.  There was a desire to do crossdressing as usual. But I thought about it again and said to myself, my health was not very good and the weather was hot and humid too. If  I  did it too, I could be sick because too tired doing crossdressing and taking pictures of myself, beside of the lust itself. Also high heels that I wore. Not to mention the weather itself. Made us easy to get sweat.

Finally I decided not to do it. As the compensation, I took alook  and edited my crossdressing photos in my computer, browsing internet, visited my own blog and a social network site.  Thanks (  to whom ? ),  my lust was not volatile until evening comes and I go to sleep. It was a holiday that passed without crossdressing. This is very rarely happens to me. It happened last time almost about six months ago.

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