Love in the first degree

A few days ago I read an article that says guilt is an achievement, a gift from God to help us fix our mistakes or sins. It makes sense and I agree.  But we must be careful to  distinguish whether the guilt  comes from evil or from  the Lord. I read in another article, guilt that comes from evil only takes us to a deeper grief and may ends up with  a suicide. Otherwise, guilt that comes from the Lord can takes us to repentance.

Like the story of Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus and ends his own life with suicide, because the guilt that comes from evil. While Peter who denied Jesus but eventually repent, because the guilt that comes from the Lord.

What about crossdressing ? Some say it is a sinful activity, the other say no. Me myself confused about that.  I love crossdressing. Love in the first degree. That means I deliberately and plans to do crossdressing. But I’m still afraid of  God too.  So, here Iam deep in  confusion to decide  if it is a sinful behaviour or not ? And still trying to distinguish whether the guilt  comes from evil or from  the Lord.

11 thoughts on “Love in the first degree

  1. There is nothing wrong with you being you by crossdressing. Personally I wouldn’t crossdress but I know and met people who do. Just be you. Don’t let guilt decide your fate. And the God I know, no matter what sin he loathes, he is still a forgiving type. Just be glad you’re able to be yourself.

  2. Lulu – I seriously doubt that G-d cares whether you dress as a female or a male. Only humans are so stupid that they judge people on superficial things like that.

  3. I don’t think fear of God is necessarily the best motivation to have for stopping crossdressing. We don’t need to fear God if our sins are forgiven in Jesus. But if we have accepted Jesus as our savior and we love God, then we are transformed people, new creations in Christ. We become people who love and delight in living for God and living in the way he wants us to live. So if crossdressing displeases him, we stop doing it for that reason. We don’t stop out of fear, and we don’t stop to try to earn our salvation. We stop because we want to live for God out of gratitude for the salvation and forgiveness he has already given to us.

    You are right that some guilt is not good guilt. For example, if we feel guilty about something that we shouldn’t feel guilty for. It would be bad if I was feeling guilty about helping the poor for example. Judas and Peter, however, both did do something sinful, and both should have felt guilty. Judas handled his guilt by sinning more (suicide), whereas Peter handled his guilt by repentance. But the guilt that both of them had was right to have.

    Keep sorting out what you think about crossdressing. You don’t have to rush into anything, but keep exploring and keep reading God’s Word, the Bible. I encourage you to keep reading my posts. I have found that giving up things that God wants us to give up, does not add a burden into our life. Instead, when we follow what God wants, that is when we find true joyful life that he intended for us.

    I disagree with – “Just be you.” If I was just who I am, I would be a completely selfish person, never doing anything for anyone else. It’s not good to be the sinful person we are. It’s good to be the new creation in Jesus that God wants us to be.

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