Back Street Girl

The last few days I got some  messages  from a middle-aged man.  The contents as usually always flatter me and very romantic.  Among other things he said that I am beautiful and  always  in his heart. But I feel strange, because he doesn’t add me as his friend in the social network. He  was married and got a family. His social status is also honorable as he tells me.

Then I remembered the song below. Now I seem to  be in the same position  as who is being  sung by Mick Jagger. A very romantic and popular waltz  song when we hear it, but it surely  be so sad to who is  in that position. It surely be a blues for who is  in that position.  Ironic ?

But for me, it doesn’t matter. Because I don’t take it seriously. The song remains the same to me, it is still a waltz to me, not a blues. A song to dance waltz and enjoy the song it self. Shall we dance  ?


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