The piper

You surely know this story. It is  about a man or a boy who plays flute to help the people from  rats  attack in a  village.  By walking while playing his flute, all the rats become to  follow him. At the end, he stood on the edge of the abyss and all the rats jumping  into the abyss.

In the blogging world  there was such a technique like that too. I once asked my friend if we want our blogs to become more popular and attract more visitors, we must give comments to other blogs especially that similar to ours. Beside that of course we must publish our posting daily. And of course, we must maintain the quality of our postings and make them  interesting to see and read. Don’t forget about our blogs appearance too.

Especially about comments on other blogs are like our introduction to the blog writer that we leave comment. It looks like that we walk along many blogs to leave comments. By that they know about us. Hopefully they are interested, curious and finally visit our blogs. That’s how, the techniques and off course the logic


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