Archive | January 3, 2012


When I was browsing  Youtube and saw the song above, suddenly I remembered an old friend of mine in high school named Denis as well.  Me and Denis used to sit in same table together in the last  row in the classroom. We are close friends.

Denis and I like the others in general are also pleased joking and kidding. Sometimes also played  physical game. But there was something that Denis did to me that I didn’t like it. Denis sometimes likes to pinch and poke my breasts and buttocks while saying, “plump,  tender, a lot of meat, flirtatious, like a girl”. When I was a student, I was a bit chubby. I could not get angry with him, I also didn’t feel so offended. I just felt a bit annoyed and a bit uncomfortable. Maybe Denis saw that our table was in the last line, so no one behind us who can saw what Denis doing to me. A very good position. A hidden place.

I also  admit that Denis face is attractive. But at last we separated when we graduated. Since then I never meet Denis again and never heard of Denis again.

So, where are you now my dear friend Denis ? Are you still reading my article ? I hope you don’t angry with me, because of this article. If so, I am sorry. I hope you are doing well right now, happy with your life and your spouse. Or are you still looking for life couple ? A woman or a man ? Or both ?