Archive | January 10, 2012

If I were a carpenter

A very romantic oldies song. Is it the right way to propose a girl ? I wish I was as beautiful as Sheryl Crow and is awaiting for a proposal from a handsome guy.

Today I get a reply email from my special boyfriend. He is the one whose I told you in my earlier posting “Back Street Girl”. The one who  didn’t add me as his friend in a social network, but otherwise he erased his own account or maybe he blocked me so I can’t  see his name in search. A  widower who has  children.

From the beginning, his words always flatter me. But I just consider that he must not be  serious about it.  Maybe he is a playboy. But there is something that is strange to me. He hope that our relationship would be beneficial to our children.  He said that I will be a good mother for his children. But I don’t  pay attention to it.

But because of curiosity and worry if he gets the wrong perception about me, so I asked him what he knows about me in details. How far he has already observed me. But I didn’t get the right answer from him about it. He keep flattering me. He also said that I’m a special woman. Special if we see from what angle ?

Finally today I get a reply email from him after I asked him if he knows who I really am. He said that actually he is searching for a wife. And from beginning after he saw my pictures in a social network, he falls in love with me. He also said that if I can’t accept it. It will be no problem. We can still be close friends. This year he also had promised to his kids that he will get a wife and step mother for his kids.

What can I do now ? I’ve been trying to remind him to observe and investigate me, but he doesn’t care about it.  Maybe love is blind or blinded him. Maybe I must tell the truth a little by a little so it doesn’t hurt him.

So my love, if you have read this article and visit my blog,  do you still want to marry me and have our baby ? Please answer me !