Archive | January 16, 2012

More than a woman

May I ask you a question as a man ? What do we do when we see a beautiful girl ? Of course we stunned and automatically admire her. And maybe if we remember who created her then we maybe say how God blessed her with such beauty. Insomuch that we so want to feel how it feels to be a beautiful woman. Both in dress and get to face with makeup. That’s one of the reason why we are doing crossdressing.
So we begin to take care of our faces and bodies in way to make it more like a woman. But what if we born with faces and bodies more like a woman than like a man ? Is it a blessing or a curse from God ? ( Deuteronomy 11:26-28 )
What if our face a little bit more feminine than the face of man in general ? Incidently we don’t have beard and moustache ? The hairs on our skin less than men? Our skin is a little slick, smooth and soft like the skin of women in general ? Our waist and stomach is a little bit more slimmer and tiny compared to the waist and stomach of a man in general ? Our hips a little more prominent when compared with the hip of a man in general ? Our legs a little more slender when compared with legs of men in general ?
God says that He will bless us, if we obey His commands. Otherwise He will condemn us if we break His commands and go to other gods ( Deuteronomy 11:26-28 ). But what about our body and face ? Didn’t we didn’t do anything to gain it, it’s already given to us, maybe since our birth or since we were kids. We like it or not it is already been there  in our bodies, we can not refuse it. How we handle what the Lord has already given to us ?

The falsetto that the singers used to sing this song, doesn’t  it a way to make it more feminime ? At least a  technique or a stepping stone to gain a feminine voice ?