Archive | January 21, 2012

Tex Saverio

Tex Saverio is a new popular designer from Indonesia. Birth August, 28th 1984. One of his gown has been used by the famous artist Lady Gaga. And his name suddenly became crowded conversation in cyberspace. Last Sunday he appeared on MetroTV in a show called “Just Alvin”. A talk show that the time talked about fashion designer.  It can not be denied, that his physical and face almost like a woman.

The next Monday when I go to work, my female co worker commented on him that he looks like a woman so much until she becomes jealous of his physic, face and smile. My female co worker is the one that I already told you in my posting “Someone else’s problem”. She has a transgender friend, a female friend who wants to be a boy.

For you know, my work room is occupied by 3 persons. Me, a female co worker and a male co worker. Then suddenly, my male co worker said what if we introduced Tex Saverio to her female friend who wants to be a man.

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