Rod Stewart

Born 10 January 1945 in London. As you already know he is a very famous singer. Especially as a rock singer.   Rod Stewart was once the singer of the group Faces.  Together with the guitarist Ron Wood who finally recruited by The Rolling Stones. His voice is distinctive raspy. Looks like it can not reach a high tone. In myself opinion it is not so good, but I like it anyway. Her hair is so typical,  tousled spiky bleached blonde. I don’t know if it’s real or made by saloon. Last week he appeared on Rachael Ray Show. For a man of his age, he is still healthy. He sang “Soul Train”.

Actually he is not only a rock singer, because he also sings other songs with different type of music. In fact he is also popular with sentimental ballads like “I Don’t Want To Talk About It”,  “Sailing”,  “The First Cut Is The Deepest”,  “Tonight’s The Night”. He also sings standard jazz songs in the serial of  “The Great American Song Book”.  I like him very much when he sings standard jazz songs.

I got a conclusion that in his older days he prefers to sing jazz, soul and standard songs  than rock songs. I don’t know if my conclusion is wrong.

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