Archive | January 25, 2012

I Can Cook Too

For the truth I don’t know why I like this acitvity too. Cooking. But at least I like to watch the shows about it on tv or discuss about it incidently with my friends. In reality,  I only can cook some simple recipes.

Thanks to internet,  I can watch culinary programs and browse about it at office. When I do it, usually my female co worker who sits next to me also follows me. At least when she didn’t busy. And then usually we begin to discuss about what we see on internet that is about culinary. Not only that she sometimes also discuss with me about food although I was not watching culinary programs or browsing about it.  She sometimes even asks me about  ingredients to make a recipe. When I told her my habit to cook rice with chopped garlic, she amazed. I don’t understand about it. For a woman who usually cooks as her, she still amazed with what I do. The other time when I told my other friend about my habit to drink milk with some pieces of ginger that has been burned, he said that I am gifted to be a bartender. But I don’t know if he was only joking or meant it.

Sometimes she knows that I also browse about makeup and fashion too. And we also discuss about it too. I also maintain my blog when she sits next to me and she sometimes looks at it. And at last she ever said that I look like a woman although I don’t know if she’s serious or just kidding about it.

One thing that I am sure about her is that she doesn’t  good in  information technology and computers things. She can be said that she even so naive about it. That makes me dare to maintain my blog when she sits next to me.

The person  that I tell above is the one that I often tell you in my postings. With all these things. Sometimes I think perhaps she knows  that I have a deviant behaviour. I feel a little confused about it. I think I may  don’t care about it and I can ignore it if she already knows about it. I even can feel free when I do things that relate to it.  But on the other hand, I also worry about it. But what exactly I am worry about, I still don’t know exactly.

In my thought, I like it when she already knows about it, but she doesn’t care about it.  After all she also has a female friend who become a transgender boy.  So as long as she can accepts me for what I am. I think it is alright with me. Not only that,  maybe if she already tell her friends who are my friends too about me. I think it is alright too,  as long as they can accept me for what I am. In this situation, incidently it can be said that I have no longer a secret. Doesn’t it ?