Eliane Elias

Born March 19, 1960 in São Paulo, Brazil is a Brazilian jazz pianist, arranger, vocalist and songwriter. She married to Randy Brecker, a jazz trumpeter. She is blessed with beautiful body, face and voice. Beside her intelligence. Their daughter, Amanda Elias Brecker sings too.

Her voice is warm, husky, smooth. That is what makes me interested in her, beside her piano playing, type of her music and last but not least her physic. She was one of my favourites female jazz singer and pianist.

A radio announcer once mentioned her as a junior Tania Maria. Because she and  Tania Maria both are equally Brazilian, jazz vocalist,  pianist and composer. But Eliane Elias was more luckier than Tania Maria,  because she was not blind. Her songs are more gentle and soft, tend to use acoustic instruments and tend to mainstream if compared to Tania Maria’s songs.

In album “Around The City” she sings  the very famous Tito Puente’s song that written to Santana “Oye Como Va” with her own style. Her voice in this song is smooth , sighed and spoiled. The song sounds sexy, vivacious and flirtatious. It sounds different when played by Tito Puente or Santana. The first time I listened to this song, I directly like this song very much. This song  has been impressed me very much.

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