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Highway to hell

Last year I got a new friend in a social network. He added me first, but I hesitated.  Because after I looked at his photos and profile,  seemed that he is an ordinary guy who has a normal and happy  family. Why he wants to be my friend ? So I hesitantly confirmed his friend request. After that I sent him a message that asked him if he wasn’t wrong to add me as his friend. But his answer made me suprised, in fact he is a crossdresser. And I was his first crossdresser friend.

His further story continued to surprise me at least a little. Because he is a parish council in his church. He and his wife diligently serve his God. They are activists in their church. Later he even made an account using a female name in that social network and continue to add new crossdresser friends.

Then because of curiosity, I  asked him his opinion about crossdressing according to his belief. My question was very simple and maybe too stereotype “Is crossdressing a sin ?”.  And I said  there is a verse in the bible that said about it in Deuteronomy 22:5. He seemed to need some time to think about it and made an answer. After for a while, he said that we can not interpret a verse in the bible a piece by a piece separately. A man is judged by his function and his services  in society.

I couldn’t reply to his answer. I am younger than him, I am not a parish council in my church. So in my opinion, I surely am not wiser than him. Maybe the verse in the Old Testament was not longer suit with the recent situation. I hope that his opinion was right. Because if not, but even the other way around. Does it like that he is on highway to hell ? So do I 😦


This article is written in 2 languages : English and Indonesian. Artikel ini ditulis dalam 2 bahasa : Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia.


Some days ago I read about this on my friend’s blog. So I like to tell about my own experience about it. My feelings and thoughts that come right after my crossdressing.

My crossdressing  has been happened to me for decades. It happened to me gradually a little by a little. First I crossdressed with blanket that I wrapped around my waist like a Javanese traditional woman wearing their traditional batik cloth. Then I used batik cloth. After that I began to complete my crossdressing costume with traditional Javanese blouse called kebaya. That time I always ended my crossdressing with masturbation and I feel the same as my friend said in that posting. Guilt, shame, disgust, and feeling dirty come after crossdressing and becomes a weird looking man in a dress.

But after I perfect my crossdressing with makeup that consisted of powder, lipstick, false eyelashes, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eye shadow and wig. I feel different. I don’t feel shame, disgust, and feeling dirty come after crossdressing and not  becomes a weird looking man in a dress. Sometimes I even don’t clean my makeup after I finished my crossdressing, but I just change my dress into my normal ordinary male dress. By that time sometimes I still look my self in the mirror and feel that I still look like a girl or a woman. Sometimes I feel reluctantly to clean up my makeup. I want to enjoy my face as a girl in the mirror as long as it can after the masturbation. So I let my makeup fades and almost disappeared, then I clean up the rest.

Bahasa Indonesia

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya membaca tentang ini di blog teman saya. Jadi saya ingin bercerita tentang pengalaman saya sendiri tentang hal itu. Perasaan dan pikiran saya yang datang tepat setelah crossdressing.

Crossdressing  telah terjadi pada saya selama beberapa dekade. Itu terjadi pada saya secara bertahap sedikit demi sedikit. Pertama saya crossdressed dengan selimut yang saya lilit di pinggang seperti wanita tradisional Jawa memakai kain batik tradisional mereka. Kemudian saya menggunakan kain batik. Setelah itu saya mulai melengkapi pakaian crossdressing saya dengan blus tradisional Jawa yang disebut kebaya. Waktu itu saya selalu mengakhiri crossdressing saya dengan masturbasi dan saya merasa sama dengan teman saya seperti dalam postingnya. Rasa bersalah, malu, jijik, dan merasa kotor datang setelah crossdressing dan menjadi seorang pria dengan wajah aneh dengan  gaun wanita.

Tapi setelah saya menyempurnakan crossdressing saya dengan make up yang terdiri dari bedak, lipstik, bulu mata palsu, pensil alis, maskara, eye shadow dan wig. Saya merasa berbeda. Saya tidak merasa malu, jijik, dan merasa kotor  setelah crossdressing dan tidak menjadi seorang pria dengan wajah aneh dengan gaun wanita. Kadang-kadang saya bahkan tidak membersihkan make up saya setelah saya selesai crossdressing, tapi saya hanya berganti pakaian dengan pakaian normal laki-laki saya. Pada saat itu kadang-kadang saya masih melihat diri saya di cermin dan merasa bahwa saya masih terlihat seperti seorang gadis atau wanita. Kadang-kadang saya merasa enggan untuk membersihkan make up saya. Saya ingin menikmati wajah saya sebagai gadis di cermin selama itu mungkin setelah masturbasi. Jadi saya biarkan riasan saya memudar dan hampir hilang, baru saya bersihkan sisanya.

Farah Quinn

This article is written in 2 languages : English and Indonesian. Artikel ini ditulis dalam 2 bahasa : Inggris dan Indonesia.


She is a famous chef from Indonesia. She has her own show on tv called “Ala Chef”. This show even broadcasted on Asian Food Channel ( AFC ). For you know, a famous chef in Indonesia is almost like a celebrity like a film star or a singer. She is lucky. Beside she is a good cook, her face and her body is very beautiful and can be said sexy. Her breasts are huge.

Some days ago Chef Farah Quinn was reprimanded by the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) for the show, Ala Chef because considered  wearing clothes that stand out so it seemed to show her breasts. However, Farah is emphatically denied and admitted that the clothing used was ordinary clothes. ( Yahoo )

In my opinion, it was all coincidentally. First, her breasts are huge.  Second, because she cooked in tropical country so she wasn’t wrong if she wore a dress that makes her comfortable from the humid and warm weather. A dress which not too closed, but with low and  wide opening. Third, because the show was cooking show so the camera must shoot her from close up distance and from the height that was about her breasts. So the recipes  that cooked by her can be seen clearly by the audience.


Dia adalah seorang koki terkenal dari Indonesia. Dia memiliki acara sendiri di tv yang bernama  “Ala Chef”. Acara ini bahkan disiarkan di Asian Food Channel  (AFC). Untuk anda ketahui,  seorang koki terkenal di Indonesia hampir seperti selebriti seperti bintang film atau penyanyi. Dia beruntung. Selain pintar memasak, wajah dan tubuhnya sangat indah dan bisa dikatakan seksi. Payudaranya sangat besar.

Beberapa hari yang lalu Chef Farah Quinn ditegur oleh Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI) untuk acaranya, Ala Chef karena dianggap mengenakan pakaian yang menonjol sehingga terkesan memperlihatkan payudaranya. Namun, Farah dengan tegas membantah dan mengakui bahwa pakaian yang digunakan adalah pakaian biasa. ( Yahoo )

Menurut pendapat saya, itu semua kebetulan. Pertama, payudaranya sangat besar. Kedua, karena dia masak di negara tropis sehingga dia tidak salah jika ia mengenakan gaun yang membuatnya nyaman dari cuaca lembab dan hangat. Gaun yang tidak terlalu tertutup, tetapi dengan bukaan rendah dan lebar. Ketiga, karena acara itu acara memasak sehingga kamera harus menembak dia dari jarak close up dan dari ketinggian sekitar payudaranya. Supaya resep yang dimasak oleh dia bisa terlihat jelas oleh penonton.

Mas que nada

Mas que Nada” is a song written and originally performed by Jorge Ben in his first album, “Samba Esquema Novo” (1963), which in a later cover version became the signature song of Sérgio Mendes. ( Wikipedia )

In reality, it’s a very hot samba. But I don’t know why then it becomes the background of Nike football advertisement video and becomes the background of Brazilian football. The only plausible reason is because samba comes from Brazil.

For you know, I like to watch football ( sometimes said as  soccer ) since I was a kid. And Brazil is one of my favourite teams. Every time World Cup happened, I can be said always watch it on tv. I still remember the first World Cup that I watched on tv is World Cup 1974 in West Germany.

Until now I still like to watch football on tv, at least I still follow the news, scores of games  and rumours about it everyday on tv. I also like the league competition in certain countries in Europe. Italy, England and Spain. In England, my favourite team is Manchester United. But I also like Chelsea and Liverpool. In Italy, I like AS Roma and SS Lazio. In Spain, I like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

I also follow the news of UEFA Champions League. Too bad, this season the English teams seem not so lucky.

And last but not least is the racial issue between Luis Suarez from Liverpool and Patrice Evra from Manchester United. I saw that Luis Suarez refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra. I don’t know who is wrong, but for the sportmanship I hope this problem will be over soon. Just like the motto of UEFA “My Game Is Fair Play” or “football against racism”

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

For those who like jazz, you may already know this song very well. Some people said that from here the word “swing” comes. The word “swing” here means a branch of standard jazz. This song was composed by Duke Ellington and the lyrics was written by Irving Mills.

The lyrics was so simple. Like this.

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing
It don’t mean a thing all you got to do is sing
It makes no difference If it’s sweet or hot
Just give that rhythm Everything you’ve got

It is sung repeatedly with some interludes of  scat singing “do wah do wah” repeated too.

As we know that swing was born in New Orleans, the city which recently  celebrated Mardi Gras. From this era, big band began to be known. A band consisting of up to dozens of players. With horn and reed section. Among others famous big bands are big bands belong to Duke Ellington and  Benny Goodman.


Kata ini populer setelah menjadi judul lagu dangdut Titi Kamal yang merupakan singkatan dari Jarang Dibelai untuk menggambarkan wanita yang mempunyai sifat genit / menarik perhatian pria agar diberi belaian kasih sayang. Walaupun sebelum itu memiliki makna sama dengan psk, ciblek atau yang lainnya dan juga bisa merupakan singkatan nakal dari Janda Butuh belaiyan. ( )

Tapi sama juga dengan kata “galau”, “jablay” juga dapat direka-reka untuk menjadi penghiburan bagi mereka yang jablay.

Jesus Always Bless & Love All of You. atau Jelas Allah Benar-benar Love All of You.

Jadi bagi mereka yang kurang perhatian dan belaian kasih sayang, ingatlah selalu kata-kata diatas.  Juga bagi mereka yang jablay dalam arti kata lain. Ingatlah Ia juga mengasihi Maria Magdalena.

Sebab TUHAN, Dia sendiri akan berjalan di depanmu, Dia sendiri akan menyertai engkau, Dia tidak akan membiarkan engkau dan tidak akan meninggalkan engkau; janganlah takut dan janganlah patah hati (Ulangan 31:8).

Sekalipun aku berjalan dalam lembah kekelaman, aku tidak takut bahaya, sebab Engkau besertaku; gada-Mu dan tongkat-Mu, itulah yang menghibur aku.(Mazmur 23:4).

Sekalipun ayahku dan ibuku meninggalkan aku, namun TUHAN menyambut aku. (Mazmur 27:10).

Aku tidak akan meninggalkan kamu sebagai yatim piatu. Aku datang kembali kepadamu (Yohanes 14:18).

Aku sekali-kali tidak akan membiarkan engkau dan Aku sekali-kali tidak akan meninggalkan engkau(Ibrani 13:5b).