After I posted Paul Simon’s song “Was A Sunny Day”, today I review it. Then I play the other video of his song. That is “Kodachrome”. Like the song “Was A Sunny Day”, “Kodachrome” is also my favourite song. And Photography is one of my new hobbies too, although I’m not as good as the pros.

I still remember when I was child,  I was afraid to be photographed. Then, because of curious, I started to venture to be photographed in  a photo studio. The portrait was still black and white. I was still in elementary school that time.

After that, when I became a teenager, my family bought a camera. By that time, maybe digital camera is still not exist yet. But the portrait has already colourful. We often took pictures, especially when we were on picnic or going out town for holidays. But over time, we were bored and rarely took pictures.

After that,  recently about 2 years ago I bought a cellular phone that included camera function. Then I started to take my own pictures by using selftimer. But because I’m not satisfied of the result that  is less sharp and  break if zoomed, so I bought a digital camera. To complete it, I bought a mini tripod that usually seated at the table. But not for long, the tripod was a bit broken. And  because of curious with video camera, at last I bought it one too. At that time, including a tripod as bonus.

As you know or for you know if you still don’t know, my blog load many pictures of me that taken with my digital camera. This self portraits were taken by myself with using selftimer and tripod. Maybe my pictures are not so good, these because my camera is only a pocket camera with middle quality, not a SLR camera that usually been used by pros.


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