Difficult To Cure, Show Me The Way In The Light

Some people say that crossdressing is a deviant behaviour and it can be cured. Start with making confession to family member or our spouse. After that our desire and lust to do crossdressing can become more  weak.

But in my opinion,  it only applies in general.  Because I have some crossdresser friends whose  wife  know about his habit and ignore or even support it. And I also have a crossdresser friend who confessed his habit to his parents, but it didn’t end up well.

In my own case, I’ve been doing this for many years. Although my desire and lust is not so strong as the passed years, but I still do it anyway. I can’t get rid off it. Yes, when I was in college I ever stop doing this for several months or maybe a year or more. But it still comes back anyway.

For me, this habit looks alike an ill that comes and goes several times in our life although we already visit a doctor to consult it and take medicine to cure it. Yes, we cured from that ill and we are healthy. But next time maybe next year that ill comes back again and attack our bodies. Just like a seasonal disease, influenza that comes and goes in our life. The difference between sick and that habit is I don’t feel miserable or pain about it.

For me, it’s very difficult to cure.  So someone if you know, please  show me the way in the light to heal me  from that habit once and for good. Give me the light that lighten my life and to find a straight way.

One thought on “Difficult To Cure, Show Me The Way In The Light

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