Who Are You ?

For you know, before you’re proceeding to read this posting. I dedicate this posting especially for spammers, but anyone may read this posting.

In cyberspace we know what that called as spam. According to Wikipedia, Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.

And it happens to my blog too. In several months ago my blog was flooded with so many spam comments and after I read them I approved them. But after I’m thinking that the comments contain almost similar sentences and also stereotype, then finally I deleted them.

Maybe you who are still reading this posting is a spammer as well. In my opinion I don’t mind if the comments that you leave has something to do  with the posting where you leave that comment. Not a stereotype comment. And if possible to you spammer or someone who is just trying to advertise something, please find a posting where just has  only a few comment or even no comments. Make your comment so interesting as possible. Maybe by that way, your comment will be unspammed by me.

My priority first is to the commentators who have openID, for them I usually approve their comments. They who have openID rarely or never considered as spammers by the Akismet comment spam filter from WordPress when they leave comments.

For those whose their comments are in above, if you are serious, you know where to email me. Don’t you ? It was written in my blog.

For all of you spammers whose your comments considered as spam by WordPress and not appeared on my blog , don’t worry. I still read them anyway, although I didn’t approve them.  Sorry ! What must I say to you ? Never give up, keep leaving me comments ? Make better comments ? I don’t know. Rather than confused, better enjoy this song. Maybe this song can bring some inspirations to us. At least the energy of this energetic rock song can bring excitement and spirit to us.

As a closing, do I have to say thank you ? Oh in my opinion I better say thank you to you at least as a good manner, as a courtesy. Good luck !


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