Hair is the crown, especially for women. Unfortunately since I was a kid, my hair was not so thick and wavy, but thin and straight. I feel so unlucky about this and that time I was so jealous  with the other who have thick and wavy hair. But like a woman I pay attention to my hair since I was a kid. This is my story.

I remember when I was in elementary school, I was a fan of The Beatles. Because they had their hair with bangs in the front, so was I. And I often keep my hair  long enough to reach my shoulder. After that my late mother often told me to cut my hair. And I reluctantly obeyed her will. After I cut my hair, I became a little sad about my hair.

When I was in junior high school, my hair tend to reddish. People say maize hair . Until one of my friend said that I looked alike a Caucasian. But over time, my hair became black again.

When I was in college, because I grew my hair too long,  my late mother insisted and escorted me  to the salon  for hair frizz. It was once in my lifetime until now. My feeling about my new hair look was a  little glad.

Beside my tendency to lengthen  my hair,  sometimes I also cut my hair short like a crew cut.  I like to let my hair long, after that I cut my hair short like a crew cut.  I have no idea that this way I can save my money for a haircut. It happens coincidentally.

I  have  funny story about this. When I have long hair, some of my friends said that I look alike a famous Indonesian singer. ( I don’t want to mention whose they mean ). And when I have  a short hair, they also said that I look alike a different  famous Indonesian singer. ( I don’t want to mention whose they mean either ).

Even when I have a crew cut hair, they said that I look alike some stars. I don’t mind to mention it. One said that I look alike Billy Idol, the other said that I look alike Sting and Mac Gyver. My late aunt had her own opinion abut my crew cut hair, she said that my hair looks alike a deciduous forest. Forests where a majority of the trees lose their foliage at the end of the typical growing season ( Wikipedia ) But that happened many years ago.

Now I think  my hair is beginning to go bald and thin. So I am  trying to take care of my hair with diligent.

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