Mas que nada

Mas que Nada” is a song written and originally performed by Jorge Ben in his first album, “Samba Esquema Novo” (1963), which in a later cover version became the signature song of Sérgio Mendes. ( Wikipedia )

In reality, it’s a very hot samba. But I don’t know why then it becomes the background of Nike football advertisement video and becomes the background of Brazilian football. The only plausible reason is because samba comes from Brazil.

For you know, I like to watch football ( sometimes said as  soccer ) since I was a kid. And Brazil is one of my favourite teams. Every time World Cup happened, I can be said always watch it on tv. I still remember the first World Cup that I watched on tv is World Cup 1974 in West Germany.

Until now I still like to watch football on tv, at least I still follow the news, scores of games  and rumours about it everyday on tv. I also like the league competition in certain countries in Europe. Italy, England and Spain. In England, my favourite team is Manchester United. But I also like Chelsea and Liverpool. In Italy, I like AS Roma and SS Lazio. In Spain, I like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

I also follow the news of UEFA Champions League. Too bad, this season the English teams seem not so lucky.

And last but not least is the racial issue between Luis Suarez from Liverpool and Patrice Evra from Manchester United. I saw that Luis Suarez refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra. I don’t know who is wrong, but for the sportmanship I hope this problem will be over soon. Just like the motto of UEFA “My Game Is Fair Play” or “football against racism”


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