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Saint Judy’s Comet

Oo, little sleepy boy Do you know what time it is?
Well the hour of your bedtime’s long been past
And though I know you’re fighting it
I can tell when you rub your eyes
You’re fading fast, oh fading fast

Won’t you run come see St. Judy’s Comet Roll across the skies
And leave a spray of diamonds in its wake
I long to see St. Judy’s Comet Sparkle in your eyes when you awake
Oh, when you wake, wake

Little boy Won’t you lay your body down
Little boy Won’t you close your weary eyes
Ain’t nothing flashing but the fireflies

Well I sang it once and I sang it twice
I’m going to sing it three times more
I’m going to stay ’til your resistance Is overcome
‘Cause if I can’t sing my boy to sleep
Well it makes your famous daddy look so dumb look so dumb

Won’t you run come see St. Judy’s Comet Roll across the skies
And leave a spray of diamonds in its wake
I long to see St. Judy’s Comet Sparkle in your eyes when you awake
Oh, when you wake, wake

Little boy, little boy Won’t you lay your body down
Little boy, little boy Won’t you close your weary eyes
Ain’t nothing flashing but the fireflies

Oo, little sleepy boy Do you know what time it is?
Well the hour of your bedtime’s long been past
And though I know you’re fighting it
I can tell when you rub your eyes
You’re fading fast, oh fading fast

I know this song since I was a kid, but of course because English is not my primary language. So I don’t know the meanings. I just like this song until I knew English and began to know that this song is a lullaby. Then recently I searched the lyrics on the internet.

Talk about  lullaby, when I was a kid, my parents never sang me a song when I go to sleep. But they always take me to bed and they always put my pajamas on me.

I have a funny story about this. I have an older sister who is not so much older than me. She’s just 2 years older than me. We have the same bed room. I always wanted my mother to take me to my bed and  put  my pajamas on me. My sister always wanted my father to take her to her bed and put her pajamas on her.

After that I also wanted my mother to say that I am beautiful instead of handsome. And my sister also wanted my father to say that she is handsome instead of beautiful.

But good for her, she grew normal. Having a happy family with her husband and their children.

Rock atau rok ?

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Adalah acara yang relatif baru di KompasTV bernama “Kelakar” dengan host Insan Nur Akbar dan co host Wisben. Kedua-duanya adalah comic finalis kompetisi Standup Comedy. Jadi sesuai dengan hostnya yang komedian, maka acaranya juga banyak mengundang tawa.

Pada suatu episode, temanya adalah “Rock”. Bintang tamunya  Candil, Krisyanto dan Lenny Agustin. Bintang tamu yang pertama muncul adalah Candil. Vokalis grup Seurieus.  Suaranya melengking tinggi seperti  suara falseto.  Sehingga dengan mudah dia sendiri memlesetkan suaranya jadi suara banci sambil bergaya banci. Tahukah anda nama aslinya ? Dian Dipa Candra. Nama yang terdiri dari 3 kata dan semuanya menurut Candil sendiri adalah nama-nama wanita. Dian, Dipa dan Candra.

Berbeda dengan Krisyanto yang suaranya berat khas trash metal. Atau dengan bintang tamu ketiga yaitu Lenny Agustin yang ternyata adalah disainer rok, bukan rocker. Ternyata bintang tamu yang ketiga plesetan, walaupun Lenny Agustin sendiri mengakui juga suka musik rock. Lenny sempat ditanyai bagaimana pendapatnya dengan musik rock yang durasinya panjang sampai 10 menit. Tapi jawabannya nggak nyambung, Lenny menjawab kalau dia senang dengan rok yang panjangnya antara 35 cm sampai 70 cm.

Namanya juga comedian, maka wawancara dan perbincangannya juga penuh humor. Hostnya juga sempat bilang  “Lak-laki yang suka rock adalah laki-laki yang sejati, beda dengan laki-laki yang suka pakai rok”. 🙂

Adikku sudah bisa berdiri

Ini adalah kisah tentang aku dan adikku. Usia kami tidak jauh berbeda. Tapi herannya ketika aku sudah lama bersekolah, adikku baru bisa mulai berdiri. Berdirinya juga mendadak, tau-tau bisa berdiri tegak dan kokoh.

Semenjak itu dia  sering tegang tanpa sebab. Kalau sudah tegang, dia susah dilunakkan. Mungkin keras kepala.

Herannya lagi, peristiwa adikku bisa berdiri tegak  ini membuat kedua orang tuaku jadi bingung. Sampai ayah membawa adikku ke dokter, gara-gara bisa mendadak berdiri tegak  tanpa sebab yang jelas. Adikku si buyung memang spesial.

Sesudah konsultasi ke dokter, adikku juga tidak diberi obat apa-apa. Hanya ditanya kenapa bisa mendadak jadi tegang. Apakah memikirkan sesuatu. Adikku pun menjawab dengan malu-malu kalau ia tidak memikirkan apa-apa. Dan keadaan ini terus berlangsung sampai beberapa lama. Kedua orang tua kami kelihatannya jadi kuatir. Bahkan mencoba memberi ramuan tradisional berupa terong sebagai lauk makan. Hasilnya keadaan tetap tidak berubah.

Tapi seiring dengan waktu keadaan yang aneh inipun berlalu.  Kedua orang tami kami jadi lega. Adikku kelihatannya  sudah jadi normal.

Learn how to fall

You got to learn how to fall Before you learn to fly
And mama, mama it ain’t no lie Before you learn to fly
Learn how to fall

You got to drift in the breeze Before you set your sails
It’s an occupation where the wind prevails
Before you set your sails Drift in the breeze

Oh and it’s the same old story Ever since the world began
Everybody got the runs for glory Nobody stop and scrutinize the plan
Nobody stop and scrutinize the plan

You got to learn how to fall Before you learn to fly
The tank towns they tell no lie Before you learn to fly
Learn how to fall

Yes if we want to learn anything, like it or not we must ready learn to fall or accept failures. Before we finally can do the thing we learn with correctly. But, does this  suit for pilot who learns to fly an aeroplane ? Or job that related directly with someone’s life ?

I experienced it myself when I learnt to ride a bicycle when I was a kid. I learn it for a long time before I finally could ride it. But before I fell, usually I jumped off the bike and stood on my feet. After I could ride a bicycle, I still didn’t dare to ride it on a highway. It happened until I became adult. And so I continue to learn a motor bike. Probably because of needs, I finally dared to ride a motorcycle on the highway.

This way is also applied to who wants to do business. Learn from failure, before finally we get success.

There’s even an old saying says  “Failure is a delayed success”

Shy boy

Since I was a kid, I was a shy boy until became a teenager. Maybe until now I am still a shy girl and I am a closed person.

When I was in elementary school, there was a custom where the teachers arranged the seats of their pupils. And when it done, it applied in a year. Thus the pupils can not sit wherever they like. And one thing that is funny, a male pupil always gets a female pupil as his sit mate at the same table. I don’t know the reason why the teachers applied this custom. Maybe by this way a male pupil can not make or reduces the possibility to make a fuss and noise during  the class because his sit mate is a female pupil.

I still remember when in certain years  I was seated with a beautiful female pupil. It happened to me at least twice or two year. By that time I already could judge whether if a girl is beautiful or not. But it  can be said that I always or almost silent, never talk to my sit mate or begin to open a conversation. My female sit mate was always the one who started talking to me.

There was an event that made me shy. My female teacher made a joke of me by matching me with a beautiful female pupil who was my sit mate. She said it in front of my late parents and my older sister at my home when she visited us.

Not only in school I was shy, but at home as well. When the relatives of my mother came to visit my family at home, I usually hid in my bedroom and pretended to sleep. Sometimes the relatives of my mother entered my bed room and teased me. Sometimes they teased me until I cried. And when they went, sometimes my late mother said to me “Shy boy !”. But however she was a wise mother to me, she never called me sissy. But the other way around, she always encouraged me so I didn’t do this again when my relatives came to my home.

When I became a teenager, my school friends at junior high school began to know love. Maybe puppy love. A male pupil began to make a close relation with a female pupil. And they were ridiculed by the other. And I never have a courage to approach a female friend, but only ridiculed by the other by matching me with a female school friend. By that time I still felt embarrassed, but I also felt happy if they matched me incidentally with a girl who I like. That time, a female friend of my older sister even teased me though she was joking, but I couldn’t give her a respond.

It continued until I was in senior high school. My female teacher also made a joke of me by matching me with a beautiful female pupil. Even my male teacher tried to match me with a beautiful female pupil as well. Maybe they knew that I was too shy.

At last when I was in college, I tried to make a close relationship with my female college friend. But when I was trying hard to work it out, she dropped out from the college. Pity me. 😦

masuk kotak

“Masuk kotak” in Indonesian language can have bad meanings. Like in this case, he excluded from the competition. It means he failed and can not  enter the final. But it can have different meaning to me. Maybe it can even have opposite meanings.

After I published my posting “Made in Thailand”, I idly check the topics about ladyboy.  Apparently and all of sudden, my posting was on the top and get exposed in the box. I’m so glad and I can’t believe it. Before that I never get exposed at the top of topics, except  in the second from above.

Although I don’t know exactly what it means. But by that way, coincidentally my posting gets exposed and so my picture too.

Whereas a few days or weeks earlier, my post never showed up. Until I get curious and keep guessing why my posting never shows up in the related topics.

Whether my blog or my postings have too many tags ? Or maybe because of other reasons,  I’m not sure about it. So I just reorganized my tags and made it fewer by deleting tags that don’t be used too much. After that, several times I checked the related topics of my postings after I published a posting. But still my postings didn’t show up until today.

So through this posting I like to ask WordPress what exactly the reason why my postings never showed up again in related topics ? Whereas before my postings always showed up in the related topics after I published them. Or have I broken some rules ?

Made in Thailand

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“Made in Thailand”, our land,
we’ve kept it since the ancient times, there’s been many good things.
Since the eras of Sukhothai, to Lopburi, Ayuthaya, Thonburi,
through to modern day Bangkok.
The city where people fall down the open drains (don’t blame them for it).

“Made in Thailand”, made in our own land,
the land of the meaningful songs and dances.
Foreigners secretly are admirers of Thai products, but Thais don’t see their worth.
Scared of being looked down upon, that liking Thai products isn’t fashionable.
If it’s “Made in Thailand”, who’s going to give the guarantee for them?
(I think someone should accept responsibilty for this.)

“Made in Thailand”, and all it’s admirers understand.
That these are products produced by Thais, made by Thais.
the shirts, trousers, and jeans,
are sent abroad on planes, and then imported back.
It’s the Thais who gain face (but it’s the foreigners who get the money.)

“Made in Thailand”, and when put up in the shops.
They put the “Made in Japan” labels upon them.
Then they sell well, sell for high prices
and the wearers then brag they’ve got imported clothes,
the latest fashions, from the magazines.
It wasn’t the foreginers who cheated us.
But it was us who cheated ourselves…oh….

It cannot be denied that Thailand is a beautiful and exotic country in Asia. A country that called as land of white elephants and often visited by many tourists. Their tourism can be said very successful. Popular with their floating markets and  some superior commodities. Bangkok guava, Thai papaya, Thai durians, Bangkok chicken, Thai silk. Talk about the dish, who doesn’t know about tom yam ? Not only food,  animals and the others, but human too. Who doesn’t know about ladyboy ?

About this ladyboy, there’s even an old saying says if you see a beautiful Thai lady, she is surely a ladyboy. Is it a  kidding ? Once I ever left a comment on a posting about Thai ladyboy and asked if that saying was just a kidding. Then I got a reply that said it was not kidding. I don’t know who’s kidding who. But if I see the Thai ladyboys on the internet, I don’t doubt that they are beautiful as women. Maybe they who were  exposed are they who are beautiful.

When I was still active in a forum, many of my friends said that they want to do sex surgery in Thailand. Off course, many of them don’t mean it seriously. But I can see that it was so popular among us. Beside that, Thailand is almost like paradise to ladyboy, tranvestite and transgender. Many of my crossdresser friends often said they wanna live there, because the situation is more condusive than in their country for people like them.

Maybe I should plan to move and live in there too. Beginning a new chapter of my new life as ladyboy. Retire from my normal life. and close my straight life.

Just kidding, don’t take it too seriously ! 🙂