Made in Thailand

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“Made in Thailand”, our land,
we’ve kept it since the ancient times, there’s been many good things.
Since the eras of Sukhothai, to Lopburi, Ayuthaya, Thonburi,
through to modern day Bangkok.
The city where people fall down the open drains (don’t blame them for it).

“Made in Thailand”, made in our own land,
the land of the meaningful songs and dances.
Foreigners secretly are admirers of Thai products, but Thais don’t see their worth.
Scared of being looked down upon, that liking Thai products isn’t fashionable.
If it’s “Made in Thailand”, who’s going to give the guarantee for them?
(I think someone should accept responsibilty for this.)

“Made in Thailand”, and all it’s admirers understand.
That these are products produced by Thais, made by Thais.
the shirts, trousers, and jeans,
are sent abroad on planes, and then imported back.
It’s the Thais who gain face (but it’s the foreigners who get the money.)

“Made in Thailand”, and when put up in the shops.
They put the “Made in Japan” labels upon them.
Then they sell well, sell for high prices
and the wearers then brag they’ve got imported clothes,
the latest fashions, from the magazines.
It wasn’t the foreginers who cheated us.
But it was us who cheated ourselves…oh….

It cannot be denied that Thailand is a beautiful and exotic country in Asia. A country that called as land of white elephants and often visited by many tourists. Their tourism can be said very successful. Popular with their floating markets and  some superior commodities. Bangkok guava, Thai papaya, Thai durians, Bangkok chicken, Thai silk. Talk about the dish, who doesn’t know about tom yam ? Not only food,  animals and the others, but human too. Who doesn’t know about ladyboy ?

About this ladyboy, there’s even an old saying says if you see a beautiful Thai lady, she is surely a ladyboy. Is it a  kidding ? Once I ever left a comment on a posting about Thai ladyboy and asked if that saying was just a kidding. Then I got a reply that said it was not kidding. I don’t know who’s kidding who. But if I see the Thai ladyboys on the internet, I don’t doubt that they are beautiful as women. Maybe they who were  exposed are they who are beautiful.

When I was still active in a forum, many of my friends said that they want to do sex surgery in Thailand. Off course, many of them don’t mean it seriously. But I can see that it was so popular among us. Beside that, Thailand is almost like paradise to ladyboy, tranvestite and transgender. Many of my crossdresser friends often said they wanna live there, because the situation is more condusive than in their country for people like them.

Maybe I should plan to move and live in there too. Beginning a new chapter of my new life as ladyboy. Retire from my normal life. and close my straight life.

Just kidding, don’t take it too seriously ! 🙂

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