masuk kotak

“Masuk kotak” in Indonesian language can have bad meanings. Like in this case, he excluded from the competition. It means he failed and can not  enter the final. But it can have different meaning to me. Maybe it can even have opposite meanings.

After I published my posting “Made in Thailand”, I idly check the topics about ladyboy.  Apparently and all of sudden, my posting was on the top and get exposed in the box. I’m so glad and I can’t believe it. Before that I never get exposed at the top of topics, except  in the second from above.

Although I don’t know exactly what it means. But by that way, coincidentally my posting gets exposed and so my picture too.

Whereas a few days or weeks earlier, my post never showed up. Until I get curious and keep guessing why my posting never shows up in the related topics.

Whether my blog or my postings have too many tags ? Or maybe because of other reasons,  I’m not sure about it. So I just reorganized my tags and made it fewer by deleting tags that don’t be used too much. After that, several times I checked the related topics of my postings after I published a posting. But still my postings didn’t show up until today.

So through this posting I like to ask WordPress what exactly the reason why my postings never showed up again in related topics ? Whereas before my postings always showed up in the related topics after I published them. Or have I broken some rules ?


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