Why Don’t You Write Me The Sound of Silence

I really like WordPress. One of the things that I like from WordPress is a random comment that always follow when you published a post. Sometimes it inspires me. Like when I finished a posting and I got a comment “Writing is a struggle against silence”.  Of course, I agree with it.

Writing at least can spend our spare time instead of we keep silent and don’t know what to do. Beside that,  silence likes a cancer grows that can kill us when we have so much time and have nothing to do or don’t know what to do.
Writing can express our heart’s content. Beside that,  writing can help us to think sequentially and in order. Maybe find some solutions and solve some problems to what we write about.
And maybe if we do it more seriously  and our writing is very specifically, writing can make money.

Don’t forget too that writing is also taught since we were children. When we started to go to school. Remember that we sometime also given a homework to make an essay. So basically, writing is a general job that everyone can do it. Only we must improve our writing skill continuously.

On the other hand, silence has positive aspects too. When we want to get rid off the frenetic bustle of urban or we want to contemplate or meditate or pray, we need silence as well.

So, when I publish this posting, what will be  the next WordPress comment ? Anybody knows ? I hope WordPress will give a random comment that will inspire me. Thank you so much for your random comment.


One thought on “Why Don’t You Write Me The Sound of Silence

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