Brain Salad Surgery

Brain Salad Surgery It will murder you, it murdered me
We made it for our enemy Brain Salad Surgery

We’ve got a ballad About a salad brain
with assurgence in a dirty bit again.

Brain Salad Surgery It will work for you, it works for me
Brain rot perversity Brain Salad Surgery

We’ve got a ballad About a salad brain
with assurgence in a dirty bit again.

ELP was one of the famous rock band in 1970’s until 1990’s. The members were Keith Emerson who played keyboard, Greg Lake who played bass and Carl Palmer who played drum. But then Carl Palmer retired and replaced by Cozy Powell.

Their songs actually were not straight rock. But usually said as classic rock. Wikipedia called their music as progressive rock. Actually their songs were varied. Classic, ballad, blues, rock, jazz. Maybe because each one of the members has different views. Keith Emerson seemed to prefer classic, Greg Lake seemed to prefer folk.

This song was composed by Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Peter Sinfield. It was about surgery that planned for the enemy. Futuristic ? In movies, there are some movies with this theme. The series of Universal Soldier.

About last year, the coach of Italian soccer club Juventus, Antonio Conte said that Marco Materazzi’s  brain needs to be transplanted as an answer for what Marco Materazzi said that Antonio Conte needs  a hair transplant. A psy war.

Me myself also ever had surgery,  not brain surgery. But one of my vital organs. I was so lucky that time, because all of my family agreed and supported me. By that time I already knew the consequency of the operation, between  dare and afraid. But I had made my mind up. I knew that the operation must be done for the continuation of my life. Maybe after that operation my voice could change.

It happened when I was still in school. I was put into the operating room by the nurse. My arms and legs were tied  by the nurse. I was helpless and scared.  I was anesthetized locally. That was the most scariest thing for me. I was told to count number from one until I become unconscious. When I  conscious. I was lying on hospital bed. It was so painful. I almost couldn’t talk.

Thanks God, the pain was gradually ended. The operation was successful. Finally I could go home. I was happy, mom picked me up to go home Although I had to learn to talk almost all over again with different way. I had to talk softly.

Actually it’s not sex surgery in Thailand. But just tonsil surgery, tonsillectomy.

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