One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor

It’s been so many times I’ve posted the songs of Paul Simon. Whether he sang alone or he sang duet with his partner Art Garfunkel. It can not be denied that I really like him whether he sang alone or duet with Art Garfunkel. Especially, his album “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon“. Almost all of his songs in this album I like. I can mention :

Only the song “Tenderness” that I am not familiar with. The other songs I like them all and I’ve already posted them in my postings.

I like the sentence “One Man’s Ceiling Is Another Man’s Floor”. Remind me of a situation in this world. Someone’s misfortune is another’s fortune. Like a doctor and common people. If people get sick,  then  a doctor can get the fortune by healing the patient. Also with advocate, if people get troubles especially in laws, then an advocate can get the fortune by giving the client law help.

In Indonesia, we also have a popular joke that’s almost similar with  this situation. It’s about an employee who behaves like a frog. He likes to worship to the top, elbowed aside and kick down the bottom. Just like the movement of a frog. I don’t know if this joke is also popular in other countries.

It tells about an employee with a bad attitude. An employee who likes to lick the boss in abnormal and  excessive way.  Who likes to elbowed his / her partners or co workers. And last but not least,  likes to threat  his / her subordinates in bad ways. All things that he / she does, she / he does it just for the profit of himself / herself.


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