from chest to breast

When I was still a child, I had an unusual and strange habit beside crossdressing.  It’s  massaging  my breast while my other hand pouring it with water  when I take a bath.  I didn’t know exactly the reason why I did it. That time I just thought that I like to have breast like a girl. In my thought it’s a beautiful part of body which has beautiful and sensual curve. Not like  boys who don’t have a prominent part in the chest.

Yes by that time I already did crossdressing. But I couldn’t access internet to search about that topic. Treatment to grow our breasts.

One funny thing according to me about it is  decades after I became adult and can access internet to search topics about it.  While many crossdressers do it to grow their breasts. Although they do it in different ways, but at least they still have same treatment with me that is massage. But vice versa, recently I almost never do it again.

Many of my friends suggested many different ways of therapies  of treatment to grow  breast. Begin with simple ways until complicated ways. Therapy with fun method like slapping our breasts and  pinch our breasts. Simple and conventional method like massaging  our breasts until drinking certain medicine,  hormonal therapy and so on.

I like to read about it, but  I just read it casually. Truly I’m just interested a bit. I prefer to choose the simple therapy like massaging our breasts. Beside, I think when we’re crossdressing, we usually cover our body with bra and dress. Don’t we ? So we can cover our breasts and make it look bigger than the original. Especially  if we use bra that has foam or push up bra.

But whatever the method that we choose to grow our breasts, it all has the same purpose. Making our chest to become breast.

By the way,  when I played the video above at my office, my female co worker who sits next to me saw it too and commented ” What is it ? Excercise for breast ? “. I couldn’t answered.  I just smiled. Then hours later she played video about alternative medication using cupping vacuum banks. The treatment makes our skin ballooned in the place where the treatment takes place. So I commented what if our chest that get that treatment ? It surely can becomes breast. And my other friend commented that the treatment suits for girls.

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