Unconsciousness Rules

If a  most popular writer like W. Somerset Maugham could say a quote like above. Then it must be very difficult to write a novel.

Literature is not like math that we can calculate with exact. If we compare it with branch of sciences like chemistry, physic and math, then we can say it’s easy but difficult.

Which one is more difficult, build a building on Mars or write a novel ? In my opinion, both are equally difficult. In general we can say  all the scientists  can not write a novel and all the writers  can not build a building on Mars. Only a few people like Leonardo da Vinci who had both expertise, arts and sciences.

There are some differences about arts and sciences that look like opposite to each other. Arts rely more on feelings, while sciences rely more on ratio. Arts relate to our right brain and  sciences relate to our left brain.

In olden days in Indonesia, we had wrong perception about arts and sciences in education. Arts were considered more easier than sciences. Pupils who chose arts and social sciences were considered as less clever than pupils who chose exact sciences in high senior school.

I wonder, although we have graduated from  faculty of letters. Can we find the three rules that he meant ? Whether the faculty of letters can only gives the foundation of the rules of writing a novel ?

Is  it a thing that we can’t study formally in university ? But is  it a thing that we must find and experience ourselves  in our lives ?

Is it something that we must practice from time to time ?  So  we can improve our writing skill. And by this way, in time  we can find our way to write a novel by accident.

Is it something like we learn to walk and talk when we were babies and finally we can do it in time ? I don’t know. because I have no background that related to it. So someone if you know about it, please explain to me by leaving me comments. Thank you.


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