match of the day

There’s the Reds and there’s the Greens Super slicks and has beens,
They’re accompanied by three men dressed in black,
One’s a whistle, two are flags, and quite often they’re the drags
Kick the ball into the goal, they put it back.

Yes Match of the Day’s The only way, to spend your Saturday

Each side’s eleven men, with numbers on their backs
But at a distance they all tend to look the same
But some own their boutiques, well they clean up every week
Inciting riots, causing chaos, such a shame!

But Match of the Day’s The only way We spend our Saturday

And that’s not all, our mates the keepers Slippin’ and sliding in the mud
Arms as long as creepers

Send him off Ref’ Where are your specs Ref’
Kick you to death Ref’ Oi! Are you deaf Ref’

There’s a few things before we go That I think you ought to know
Obstruction, Body Checking, heavy tackles So put on your hat and scarf
Have a drink, have a larf’ From the terrace you can see your men do battle

Yes Match of the Day’s The only way You can spend your Saturday

Don’t forget, the trainers with their sponges
Managers with open cheques, liquid business lunches

Send ‘im off Ref’ Where are your specs Ref’
Kick you to death Ref’ Oi! Are you deaf Ref’

Phfff! Good game ‘ey, Ron?… …D’you see that goal in the Second Half? oh!
Bit of a dirty tackle that, mate!… …I reckon I should’ve had a bet on it myself!
We paid 400, 000 pound for him, you realise that?
Oh – look out, here comes a bottle … …Yes, fancy a pint then? My round

Today the final round of UEFA Euro 2012 will be begun  in Poland and Ukraine. The tournament will be held between 8 June 2012 until 1 July 2012. 16 contestants divided into 4 groups.  They are :

Group A : Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic.
Group B : Netherlands. Denmark, Germany, Portugal.
Group C : Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Croatia.
Group D : Ukraine, Sweden, France, England.

You can see the schedule of the tournament here.

Squad with the youngest average age is Germany and squad with the oldest average age is Republic of Ireland. The youngest players are Alex Oxlade Chamberlain ( England ) and Jetro Willems ( Netherlands ). They  are both 18 years old. The oldest player is Kostas Chalkias, the Greek goalkeeper who is 38 years old.

Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and England passed the qualification round with convincing results. But just like the ball that is round, so anything that is even almost impossible can happen. Like in Euro 2004, where the underdog team Greece came out as the winner. It was so almost  impossible, that time Greece could defeat Portugal with score 2-1. Until there was an opinion said that it was an anomaly.

England, not like the other seeded teams. They seem to have a bad luck, recently they’re  abandoned by their coach Fabio Capello. Now, the successor Roy Hodgson didn’t have much time to prepare the team for the tournament.  Not to mention, Frank Lampard can not play due to injury. And Wayne Rooney should be absent in the first two games due to red card that he accepted before.

While Spain must break the old tradition of UEFA European Football Championship that the winner in the previous tournament never afford to defend the title.

So, we just wait whether one of the seeded teams can be the winner. Whether the famous players can play as good as when they played in their clubs at their regular competitions ? Players like Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Robin van Persie, Mario Gomez, Thomas Muller, Steven Gerard, John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo.

It surely be an interesting tournament for all of us especially football ( soccer ) lovers. But whatever happens, remember the motto “My game is fair play”

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