It Don’t Come Easy

Ideas can come to us anywhere and anytime. We as writer can’t hurry ideas. The maximum effort that we can try to get an idea is force our brain to search anything and process it to become an idea.

I  experienced about it my self. Especially, about this posting. Several days I have to spur my brain to find what the content that suits with it. About it, it’s not so hard . The hardest part is to give an interesting title that suits with it. For you know, I prefer to use a song as the title of my posting. But finally, I got it. And here we are, but first I want to say. Happy reading ! Sorry, if it’s not interesting and wasting your time.

To  get an idea to be written is can be said as easy but difficult. Writer as an artist needs “mood” to get an idea. I ever heard some artists said  when they have mood, they can create many good works in a short time. But if they don’t have mood, they can’t create any good works even just one in a long time. If we think about it further, it’s reasonable. Because idea is an abstract thing, so we can’t hurry it. Not like an animal that is a real thing, so we can chase it.

The bad thing about it is an artist is a profession that should earn money too. But an artist, maybe some artists ever said that they have difficulty to create a good work if it was ordered by a client. But if they have mood or with their own will, they can create many good works.

Unfortunately too, idea may come when we don’t expect or suspect it. Even when we are not ready to write it. It can come in unexpected moment. When we are not working behind our desk. But maybe when we are going to sleep and our brain still has something to be solved. When we are cooking,  going traveling, cleaning the house and so on.

The practical way to handle this situation is we must provide ourselves some papers and writing tools. Nowadays when computer had entered all fields of life. Thanks for technology, because the model  of computer that’s getting more compact and smaller. Now we have tablet pc, ipad and stuff like that. So we can type our writings wherever we go or stay. Not just when we’re at home or at our office behind our desk.


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