I’m a Believer

When I received that quote, I was interested with it. First time I read it, I felt the quote seems not reasonable. How  can there be  any relationship between writing and what you believe ? But if we think about it in depth, we may find the path between writing and what you believe.

The Christians say that they believe in God with all their heart. ( Proverbs 3:5 )  They believe that the Bible is scripture that has been written based on their  belief. Article that inspired by the Holy Spirit

While writing for me is activity to pour out my heart’s content or translate my idea into writing.  In our heart, we save what we believe. And both heart’s content or idea that we write is relating with honesty, originality and what we like.

What we are writing usually about what we believe. Like if we believe that the achievement of telecommunication and information technology can make the world seem so narrow. So we can write about teleconference, text, chat, social network and so on.

So if we believe that we can be a writer and trying hard to make it happens. Especially if we’ve got the talent. Maybe by practicing writing, our dreams may come true.


One thought on “I’m a Believer

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