When I was a child, my parent ever asked me a question that generally always asked by the parents to their children. “What do you want to be when you’re grown up ?”. I still remember that time I answered that I want to be a painter.

In our country, it’s very popular that a child always asked by its parents a question like this  “What do you want to be when you’re grown up ?”. And usually almost all of the children  always mention  an honorable and  promising profession in financial. A profesion that can make its parents proud. Like medical doctor, architect, lawyer, engineer, accountant  and so on.

That time when I said I wanna be a painter, my father seems not so  happy. He said that I’ll better be an architect. He said with blunt  that a painter is a difficult job especially in revenue. I can see that a painter would be difficult to earn money unless already became famous. About my drawing, I already posted them.

Since I was kid until become adult, I never have a thought that I would write something or be a writer or be a blogger.  Yes, when internet was not so popular like this time, I ever already send some manuscripts to a newspaper. But of course,  it didn’t pass the sensor and not published in the newspaper. So with that, I realized that I don’t have the talent to be a writer. Plus with I don’t have journalism background.

Writer in my opinion is not a very popular profession. Not like other professions that I mention above. To be a writer, we must have a wide view and not a narrow view. We must have an objective thought and not subjective thought.

But with coincidentally I already become a blogger, a writer on my own blog at least. Whether my articles are good or not. It’s been run for about a year and still I don’t know for how long  my blog can be exist,  survived and can be updated daily. I just can wish that my blog can be exist,  survived, can be updated daily forever. Not only that of course, but my blog can also be famous and enter “freshly pressed”.

Right now when we can be a writer or a blogger via internet on our own blogs, I think it’s  easier than the old times when we have to send our manuscript to a newspaper and wait for their approval to be published. Not to mention we can add beautiful pictures, slides,  and video.

Finally when I have my own blog, I can say with blunt that I can’t help falling in love with blogging. And I think I agree with what  Leo Rosten  said “The only reason for being a professsional writer is that you can’t help it”. It’s difficult to search for a reason why I become a writer, because it’s only look like a moonlighting hobby for me at least right now. A hobby that can become  an addiction. Beside to pour out my heart;s content and to transfer  my idea into writing. Maybe this time it’s the reason why I become a writer.


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