July Morning

Today is the date of  first of July. Without us knowing, we already passed the first semester of this year. In our city, we enter the dry season with cold weather. Especially in the morning.

To welcome the second semester of this year,  I like to present an old song of Uriah Heep called “July Morning”. I like this song since I was a teenager.

Uriah Heep itself was an English rock supergroup. Just like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and the others. But Uriah Heep in their famous decades had a unique situation. I still remember a mass media mentioned them that they take the safe way by getting famous and big but not so much famous and big. The media said by that way, they could survived for longer time. Because it’s assumed that too much popularity can make a group unstable. Just like that a higher place gets more windy than a lower place.

This song was a combination of ballad and rock. The melody sung in ballad. But it was accompanied by rock instrumental especially in the bridge. If Deep Purple had  “Child In Time”, Led Zeppelin had “Stairway to Heaven”, so Uriah Heep had “July Morning”.


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