Agatha Christie is a famous writer especially in crime and detective stories. Maybe because of her gender too, so she wrote a quote “the best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes”.

Doing the dishes is a very typical work for women. And the place, kitchen is also very typical place for women.

Opposite to  specialization in what she is writing. Crime and detective story that surely be more suitable to male. She herself also wrote romance, but she used  fake name.

The case above showed us dualism that always took place in every human. Even in a human with normal and straight sexual orientation. There’s always  feminine side inside a male and there’s always masculine side inside a female.

I don’t know if that quote is suitable for male. Because in general, males usually don’t doing the dishes. Just in certain cases, males do cleaning the dishes.

In my case,  I also do cleaning the dishes. And in that time I sometimes plan something or think about something or search for a solution on a problem.

Doing the dishes is a type of work where we can’t hurry. Because if we hurry, we may break dinner glass equipment like glasses, bowls and dishes. Maybe because of that too, so we may have a chance to think and plan something.

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