Time Is Right

Sitting on this spinning top Hoping time ain’t gonna stop
Watching moons come turning round Hoping time ain’t slowing down

Just no place to run and hide  Time is right for quittin’ time

Sun up hits you in the face Seconds tick don’t get no place
Sun that’s burned a million bones Doesn’t see you’re all alone

Just no place to run and hide Time is right for quittin’ time

Time to hide no place to run Ain’t no hiding from that sun
Burning star will take it’s toll Burns your body fires your soul

Just no place to run and hide Time is right for quittin’ time

“I don’t have time”. It’s a proverb that popular in nowadays. In the age where everyone is busy, especially in  collecting money. Time is felt so fast. When it relates to money then it becomes “time is money”. Yes, it can’t be denied and reasonable when everything needs money now, then we need to collect it as much as we can and as fast as we can. ASAP. As Soon As Possible.

Time is so priceless until it can be called as a crime if we steal time. Time can be considered as  money and other things that valuable. Beside money corruption, we also know time corruption.

So much lack of time to serve consumers although actually to collect money from consumers until some companies have to work 7 times 24 hours. Even they make it as slogan, “Open 7 times 24 hours”. Maybe if it’s possible, then we are willing to work 8 times 25 hours. So fast the time goes and we are still in shortage of time. What else can we do ?

Lack of sleep and we change it with work and money. We don’t need to care about our health if necessary. If we get sick, we can get treatment with our money that we have. Don’t we ?

For you who still afraid of God and believe that heaven is exist, I have something to say. But don’t swallow it raw. Disclaimer. You don’t have to hurry to repent as long  as you’re not dead yet. Your repentance can wait until then. Just hope that your death is not coming suddenly. Remember the bandit who  crucified next to Jesus and repented just a few time before his death. And he still made it. ( Luke 23:42-43) But it looks like that this way is not suggested. Because we don’t know when our death is coming. No one knows.

If the paragraph above isn’t suitable for you. Maybe too extreme for you, I still have something else to say. Maybe it’s more balance. It’s a saying that also popular, “Work for your world as if you lived forever, do good deeds  to your afterlife, as if you’ll die tomorrow!”


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