I Honestly Love You


Writing can be said as an  expression of our hearts and our hearts usually related to honesty. We commonly heard someone said “honest I said  it from the deepest of  my heart”. Especially in situation when someone reveals a very special statement that relates to  a very special intimate relationship with the couple.

So, usually what  is inside of our hearts that is poured into our writing. Altough the article is not real, but only fantasy or fiction. Our hearts still may affect in what we write in our story, even the story is only our fantasy.

I ever had a friend who regulary posted some fiction articles in a forum when the forum was still exist. Once I commented how can he feel so excited when it’s only a fiction. Then he replied that he could feel so involved in his fiction. His fiction seemed to become real for him.

If an article that is fictive can make the writer so excited, how about a true story ? Maybe we can fall in love with it. Maybe that’s why a true story can be a best seller in its time.


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