Let It Grow


In Java we know an old saying that says “tresno jalaran soko kulino”. It means love or desire comes because of habitual. In school when we were still children, we were taught to read and write. It was one of basic skills that we were taught in school and yet still used when we have grown up into an adult. This skill maybe still used when we are looking for a job. Even writing can make us earn money.

Considering the benefit of writing, maybe we should nourish the talent of writing if we have it. I remember an Indonesian old saying that says “Kebiasaan, jika diasah akan menjadi keterampilan. Keterampilan, jika diasah akan menjadi kepandaian. Dan kepandaian, jika diasah akan menjadi keahlian”. In English maybe we can translate the sentences as  “A habit if  sharpened it will be a craft. A craft  if sharpened  it will be a cleverness. And a cleverness  if sharpened it will be an expertise”.  Or maybe that translation is incorrect, because I don’t know exactly the degree between  craft,  cleverness and expertise. Which one is the most highest or superlative. But in Indonesia, the degree between keterampilan, kepandaian and keahlian is different. The most lowest is ketrampilan, then the middle is kepandaian and at last the most highest is keahlian.

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