Archive | February 14, 2013



Dream is something that we can earn when we sleep. Altough we can not have a dream every time when we sleep. When we are going to sleep, someone who’s near us may wish us to have a sweet dream. Optimistic people may say “dream to  success”.

In reality, dream varies from sweet in to horror. Sweet and funny dream may makes us wake up in fresh condition. But stressful or horrible dream may makes us wake up in a state of tension Even some people says about it in different ways.

If we believe that a dream is the flower of sleep. So considering this, we do not have to  worry if we have a bad dream. Otherwise if we consider that a dream is a sign, maybe we need to pay attention to our dream. What  happened and remember as much as possible of what we can remember. Then we must try to find out  what is the sign that exist behind  our dream.  More realistic than this is an opinion that says that a dream is the unconscious mind that appears into surface. What we want or what we are afraid of usually comes to our dreams.

In Bible, there are some verses about someone having a dream and it turns out that the dream is a sign that God sends. In  Genesis 41, Pharaoh dreamed about 7 years of hunger. In Daniel 2:1-49, Nebuchadnezzar had a terrible dream and must have someone to interprete the dream for him.

At last, maybe if we have dreams especially interesting dreams  then we can use them to illustrate our book just like the quote says. By this way, our books may come to be colourful.