Archive | February 20, 2013

Love Letters


At first I didn’t know the meaning of proofread. But after I ran proofread writing that provided by WordPress, then I knew the meaning of proofread. It’s like correction to our words spelling that we already typed. Even so, after I know the meaning of proofread, I just run the proofread writing facility that provided by WordPress sometimes. Actually I read my articles repeatedly before I publish it. I usually preview it when I read it. I don’t know which one is better, run proofread writing that already provided or read it in preview.

The weakness if we read our article in preview mode is we can’t check our words spelling, but we can see how the article should look especially if our article is accompanied with photos or videos. But although we run proofread writing, the mistakes that we made  may also passed  especially if the wrong word is also a word that also has a meaning.

Beside that, I think the proofread writing facility that provided by WordPress can’t handle an article that typed in Bahasa Indonesia. In this case, that is my native language. Although I have changed my general settings on language into Bahasa Indonesia. But after I run proofread writing , still almost all of the words that typed in Bahasa Indonesia are underlined by red lines.

I have a funny story maybe about my habit  reading my article repeatedly before I publish it.  Although I read it over and over, sometimes I still passed a mistake or two. Thus, our articles look like love letters that we read them repeatedly before we publish them. Only the difference is our article is our love to blogging and the real love letter is our love to someone who is so special to us.