Archive | February 28, 2013

One Moment In Time


The quote above coincidentally comes from Stephen King who is famous with contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction and fantasy. But indirectly we experienced it consciously or not.

From my childhood when I started to go to school. The first day at class with new friends whose still strangers for me. Until my mother guarded me. Then when I learnt to ride a bike and I had to fall over and over.

It still continued until I became adult and tried to find a job. I was still afraid of the job, whether I could handle it or not. Then when I choose to live independent and bought a house. I was afraid with the new environment, new neighbours and the house itself. Whether I could feel comfortable like at home or not.

And at last when I have a plan to open a business of my own, I’m afraid whether the business can going well and develop or not.

Not to  mention  my identity itself which is can called as third gender. When I opened facebook account, at the beginning I hesitated and afraid with my identity.

It’s in contrary with my hobby blogging, at the beginning I just do it with fad and not seriously. Even I didn’t suspect that my blog can  be crowded with visitors. Although I did all my postings whether it’s an article, photos or videos with seriously.

Fortunately, I faced that scariest moments one by one. One moment in time. And so my life  journal still continues.