Start crossdressing

I don’t mean to offend or open a confrontation with some certain blogs that have tendencies to invite us to stop crossdressing. But I just want to give some reasons or facts why we start crossdressing. And I will give some considerations.

The beginning is almost all of us who are crossdressing didn’t start that habit on purpose. I can’t guarantee that all of us didn’t start it on purpose. Maybe some did it on purpose. But I read many articles about someone who began crossdressing and they told that they didn’t do it on purpose.

From the first event where someone did crossdressing usually comes an impression that made someone curious and had to do it repeatedly until it became addicted. Although when someone finished the ritual of crossdressing, he might  feel of regret and didn’t want to try any more. Because of foolish thing that he did or wasted the time with doing crossdressing. Or even felt disgusted with the way he dressed. But in fact, he couldn’t help it and he did it repeatedly until the feeling of regret became lessen and even vanished.

Unfortunately, this addiction can be up for years, decades or maybe for a lifetime. This addiction  might be vanished for a certain period, but there’s also a possibility  that this addiction came again.

More unfortunately, the one who addicted with this habit  might not feel suffer at all. More unfortunately again, the one who addicted crossdressing can be feel comfortable with this habit.

More than that, someone who addicted crossdressing can love this habit and proud of this habit. Even want to share this habit with other people. If this case is disease, it’s like a disease that can be spreads and transmitted. It can influence someone whose at the stadium of beginning to know crossdressing become  want to know more about it  and want to try it more intensively.

Finally, someone with this addiction could change his orientation about his own gender and want to be a female.  After experienced dressing with woman dress, wore makeup and trying to behave like a woman.

At the end, maybe we want to get some help to cure us from this habit. So we turn to the religion  that we believe. Unfortunately again, some churches even tolerate this habit and they also even wed lesbian or gay couple. In another religion but almost similar case,  the first Islamic school specifically for transgender people to pray and study the Quran already opened in Yogyakarta in 2008. ( )

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