Happy ending

middle of the journey

At the end they married and live happily ever after. It’s a famous sentence that is usually ending a fairy tale. When I was a kid, I still remembered that I often read many comic books from the famous Hans Christian Andersen.

Habit can be a hobby if someone likes that habit. And a hobby can be someone job. If someone has or do a job that’s also the hobby of this someone, it can be said that this someone is happy. Because someone can work with happy. And also not under pressure. So that someone  could devote all  energy and thoughts without feeling forced.

What about a habit that called as crossdressing ? This habit can be also called as hobby to some people. Although for other people, this habit can be called as deviant behaviour that needs to be corrected. Even for some people who did this habit, they also can consider it as a deviant behaviour that needs to be corrected. While for the others who also did this habit, they can consider it as a hobby that doesn’t need to be corrected. But it even also needs to be improved.

Just like a hobby, then crossdressing can develop too. Maybe for the first time when doing crossdressing, we only used woman dress. Then we began to use woman shoes and accessories. Then finally we used makeup and wig too. Thus, at last we perfected this habit with  things that actually belong to woman from hair to toe.

Side effect of crossdressing that  perfected, someone can change  the gender orientation. A funny thing about this is I ever read a comment in a social network  that someone said “great, you’re now a transgender !” to a person  who used to be a crossdresser only. Though not certainly that someone has changed the gender orientation. Maybe someone has looked so perfectly as a woman, but in him self, he still feels as a real  man. Remember an Indonesian proverb that says “dalam laut dapat diduga, dalam hati siapa tahu”. In English, it means “the depth of the sea can be guessed, in heart who knows”.

The reverse case of above is that someone said “Be careful, don’t go any further ! You may become a woman” to a person who crossdress so perfectly. Like a friend of mine told that to me.

But if a person  just does crossdressing in a simple way like just wear a woman dress but without using a woman shoes and makeup, someone else may tempt this person to perfect his crossdressing with a woman shoes and makeup.

But the other way around, crossdressing just like a hobby can end too. I ever read some blogs about someone who succeeded to stop crossdressing.

As the end of this article, I like you to participate in my polling below.


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