Mr Bean’s first crossdressing out

Mr Bean is a television film series that is very popular. Especially to the people who likes comedy. The actor’s name is Rowan Atkinson. He also played in cinema movies .

But do you know that he once tried to do crossdressing in his television film series ? In the video above you can see he tried to do crossdressing in a laundry by wearing a maxi skirt.

Actually he did it  incidentally. He  took the wrong piece after he put of his own pants, because he took it without seeing it. Unfortunately, a man was there  near him. So he tried to walk with legs so close to each other. With  purpose to camouflage that he wore a maxi skirt instead of wearing  a pant.

Unfortunately again, the man who near him suspected him, because of the movement that Mr Bean did is  strange. So after Mr Bean sat, the man revealed the bottom ending of maxi skirt that Mr Bean wore. Alas ! And the man smiled and blinked one of his eyes to Mr Bean. Mr Bean got chills  with the way the man looked at him. Not to mention his deed with stepping the underwear that Mr Bean tried to wear.

Truly a terrible experience he had to face. So, next time if you try to crossdress out again please consider the situation and the condition also the place where you try to crossdress out.


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