Just the way you are

What’s on your mind if you read this posting title in relation to a song ? It may depends on your age. If you are  young and  from  MTV generation, you may be  remembered  a song of  Bruno Mars. But if you are born decades before,  you may be remembered a song of Billy Joel.

Yes, both songs are equally entitled “Just the way you are”. And both songs are equally sung by their composers who both play the same musical instrument, piano.

Although both songs equally told about love between 2 humans and told that the couple is perfect in natural way and also about the faithfulness. But both songs don’t  resemble each other. The older song which composed by Billy Joel can be said sounded more ballad, blues and jazzy.  While the newer song which composed by Bruno Mars can be said sounded more cheerful. Maybe it’s more suitable to dance.

So, is it just a coincident ? Or Bruno Mars tailed the popularity of Billy Joel by using the same title of a master hit of Billy Joel ?

Because Billy Joel’s song was  very popular a long time ago earlier before the song of Bruno Mars becomes popular. And not only that, but also sung by the other singers. Beside that, it becomes a must song for  jazz singers like  Diana Krall, Salena Jones and Susan Wong who ever sang it.


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