They said that it was a kind of poem

That consists of fourteen rows

As a poem if it was written by a poet

It contains a deep meaning

As a  literary work  it  is certainly has a high value

More over in Indonesia it has many lovers

But it’s more special because it really rhymes

And really has a melody and has music accompaniment

People who listen to it even may sway and dance

But if you don’t want to listen to it, indeed too

In Indonesia we say “sungguh terlalu”

Because it is a name of a Malay Orchestra led by Rhoma Irama

Who often says “sungguh terlalu”

Maybe you who are not from Indonesia don’t understand

For this I’m sorry, but I just try to make a funny thing about Soneta

In order to participate in  NaPoWriMo

I hope this poem can be entertaining and not offensive

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