Archive | April 27, 2013

Men under the Surgical knives – Ladyboys (Kathoey) – Full Documentary

This video contains the detail life of ladyboys, especially in Thailand and a little in England and also in USA. Some ladyboy figures  were displayed in this video. From ordinary ladyboys  until celebrity ladyboys. More than one story are there in this video.

From successful stories of celebrity ladyboys who have succeeded. Like  Belle who got famous because of  the contest Thailand’s Got Talent  and became  an international singer. Nok who runs a business Jewelry channel and also an activist. Also Poy who is an actress. Until the love stories between 2 ladyboys and their boyfriends.

It also contains a famous  event that called transgender beauty pageant which took place in Thailand and the stories of the contestants like Sahhara, a Nigerian who lives in England  and Mokha, an American dancer who works  in a night club .

Beside that it also highlights about a famous phenomena that is genital surgery. An American military veteran who  underwent a genital surgery and also a medical doctor who used to operate on ladyboys.

Nightlife and evening entertainment also highlighted. From a conventional story about a ladyboys cabaret named Alcazar with the stories of the owner,  the stars and also the employees who work there  until a breakthrough of an airline that employed transgender flight attendants.