The beauty queen who was born a boy

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Transgendered model Dani St. James, 21 set for beauty pageant success

  • Dani St James, 21 from Barry, South Wales, was born a boy, Daniel
  • Began wearing make up at 11 and told parents he was gay aged 12
  • Started dressing and living as a woman aged 17 – but identified as a man
  • Aged 18 Dani visited a doctor who prescribed female hormones
  • Won local transgender beauty pageant and hopes to win more

By Katy Winter

Dani St James may look every inch the beauty queen, but unlike her fellow contestants, Dani was born a boy.

The 21-year-old was born Daniel St James, and, over the past three years, has been making the transition to become a woman.

Now Dani, who has been taking female hormones and dressing as a woman since she was 18  is competing to be crowned Miss Diamond Queen 2013.

Dani St James, from Barry, South Wales, won a recent transgender beauty contest and is now planning to enter more
Dani always preferred playing with girls' toys growing up - and says she was always allowed to express herself freely as a boy or a girl

Dani St James, left, was…

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