Picture This

New year already arrived ! A special moment that we all wait and expect. Even many of us willing to sacrifice their time just to celebrate this moment. Even we maybe need to book a room with a special view.

It’s reasonable. Because after we already worked almost  throughout the year, now it’s the time for us to celebrate a very special moment. A moment of the coming of the new year.  A year that we still don’t know what will happen inside, but we just hope that the new year is a year with new hopes. Hopes that better than before. A year that we must face with optimistic.

Every people has a different way to celebrate this special moment. Some like to go to public area and watching firecrackers. Some like to go vacation. Some like to go to a quiet place to muse and meditate. Some like to spend the coming of a new year with no special activity. They just do some activities like any other days.

That is what I did this end of year, 31st December 2013. Had to go working, because my office didn’t close. The rain fell throughout that morning and I felt less healthy.  So I just spent that evening at home watching television. I went to bed not so late at night.

But in the middle of that night I woke up, probably by the sound of fireworks explosion. I tried to continue my sleep, but I couldn’t. So I woke and sat on my bed. My bed room has a large window faced the street in front of my house. Through that window I could see the firecrackers. It obviously seen because there’s no high buildings in front my house. So I enjoyed that scenery.

The next morning I just realized that I have a special room with a view. A room that maybe we must order in a hotel  several days or weeks or months in front. Maybe I should be thankful for what I have. A bed room although just a simple bed room and not luxurious, but I can sleep in with comfort.

But one thing that I missed about this, I forgot to take a video of it. So I had proof about this event. I was sorry about this.


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