Hello, world.  My name  as you can read is  Lulu Simawati. No matter if it’s real  or fake. I live in Indonesia, specifically in Central Java. My hobbies are photomodelling, photography and blogging.  I’m a cute girl as you can see too.  I like  to have a lot of friends, serious or easy going friends. It doesn’t matter. You may and can even try hard to be my boyfriend if you like, but it’s still up to me to accept or refuse it. Don’t take it so seriously. Just consider it as a game. The important thing is I can have a lot of funs and don’t get lonely.  If you want to know more about me please ask me by leaving me questions in comments or email me at sikainkebaya@yahoo.com. Thank you so much for your attention. That’s all folks. Good lucks to you all.

At the end of year 2011, I began to write articles in English and this blog has also been developed with  menu “Belief” for  postings that related with it. And the beginning of year 2012, I add a  menu “Music” that is one of my hobbies.

In the middle of 2012, a cooking competition that is very popular and broadcasted by RCTI was held in Indonesia . Because I am very interested in that event, so I regularly post articles about the competition and added my menu with the “Cooking” for articles related to it.

In early September 2012, I added the “Gender” menu to separate clearly between the articles that are less or not related to gender and articles that are closely related to gender issues. Then some of my postings that used to be posted in the “Article” and related with gender I move them  to the “Gender” menu.

Around November of 2012, I added the “Blogging” menu. Because after all the content of my blog, everything is posted on my blog. So either directly or indirectly I  involved in blogging and my menu to accommodate my posts related to blogging.

Then I also added the “Social Network” menu which contains my accounts on “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “My opera”.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. naturally much like your web site but the truth is really need to look into the spelling on many of your respective posts. A number of choices rife with spelling issues so i find it very troublesome in all seriousness nevertheless I’m going to certainly keep coming back again.

  2. It’s fine, and I can understand you easily, and I’m an English major, so don’t worry about a thing. If it’s easier, write in Bahasa, and readers can translate on babelfish.com if they want. For me, it’s enough you have colorful pictures and fun music videos.

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