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In the flesh

Late last year, Christians had just celebrate Christmas.  The event where God became a human in baby Jesus to save human from sin. It shows how important human as His creatures, so He needed to come to the world for His rescue mission. In the flesh.

As you know that  almost all of my postings in “Belief” menu or category  use many songs videos and also use them as the titles. The songs that I used  are secular songs, not religious or gospel songs. I just analyse and assume whether it fits or not. Usually I use the relationship between human,  especially between man and woman  to describe the relationship between human and God. In other words, I describe God as human especially as a man like the event of Christmas itself. Beside God himself also describes His congregation as His bride. So I think, it wouldn’t  be a  mistake.

But why I choose secular songs instead of religious or gospel songs ? Of course they are more interesting, at least that’s what I guess. I don’t mean to trap you or to force you or even to influence your mind. After all I’m not a psychist or a mentalist or even a magician  as you already know. I’m just a stupid person who pretends to be a beautiful girl, right ?.  By the way, you’re free to read it or not. Don’t you ?

Almost all of my articles are about my life experiences. I am sorry, if they are not interesting and even boring to you.  I just want to share my burdens so I can feel a little lighter. I just want to pour my heart’s content. Thank you if you still read or want to read it. May I say God bless you ?

Feminine baptismal names

In the Christian religion there is a procedure known as baptism. Before someone can be officially accepted as a congregation in a church, they must be baptized first. In this baptismal event, they usually choose Christian names for their baptismal names.

Protestants generally encouraged by his pastor in order to choose names that are in the Bible. While the Catholics beside  can choose the names that exist in the bible also may choose the name of saints outside the Bible.

Usually male  congregation candidate will choose a name among the names of Christian saints that are men, while female congregation candidate will choose a name among the Christian names of the saints that are women.

But I have a different stories that deviate from it. Mary that must be a female name, can be used by a male Christian as their baptismal name. I know someone, a male Catholic monk whose life is not married and devoted his life to serving God uses Mary as his baptismal name.

I also know a male Protestant pastor of the church uses the name Damaris as his Christian name.  ( Acts 17:34).

But Zephaniah that must be a male name used by a female Christian as her baptismal name.

I don’t know exactly the reason why they choose their opposite Christian gender name as their baptismal names, but I hope for God sake it’s not to feminize their names.