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Programming crossdressing

do {

if  your face not wear any makeup {

put on makeup ;


if   you are still wearing a man’s dress {

undress ;

pick a woman’s dress ;

wear it ;


if  your feet are still not wearing a woman’s shoes {

pick a woman’s shoes ;

put it on your feet ;


if your hair doesn’t support your appearance {

put on a wig on your head ;


} while not completed

do {

express your self in front of a mirror ;

try to talk like a woman ;

try to behave like a woman ;

try to walk like a woman ;

} while not getting bored

if want more challenge {

going out ;


if want more satisfaction {

seek dating friend or masturbating;


I Can’t Stand It. Paperwork or paperless ?


I don’t know if the quote above is still relevant or not, because nowadays we are in computer age. And almost everything now has tendency to become paperless.

Writers now maybe don’t have paperwork, except  files that stored in electronic media like flashdisk  and harddisk. Those files don’t need a large place to be stored. In other words, it’s more practical. Our office doesn’t need to look crowded anymore by papers. We don’t need a larger place to work, but a smaller place should be enough when we use computer instead of typewriter.

Because when we make a mistake, we can press delete or backspace button to erase the wrong character that we already type. And more important thing is we don’t need papers to be typed. Papers that we need to store when we finished typing. As the replacement, we store our writing in flashdisk or harddisk. And the capacity of that media is millions times more bigger than papers.

Computer nowadays  is already well known by everyone from kids until elderly.  Except maybe for some people who lives in isolated areas, underdeveloped and untouched by technology. Computer now is not a difficult thing to be learned. When we schooled, we already be taught computer lesson since in  kindergarten.

hamachi ?

Apa asosiasi  anda ketika membaca kata itu ?

Bila anda seorang yang hobby atau pekerjaannya bergerak dibidang  kuliner, maka anda akan segera mengetahui bahwa itu adalah nama dari ikan dalam bahasa Jepang. Atau nama lain dari ikan ekor kuning. Tapi bila anda seorang yang hobby atau pekerjaannya bergerak dibidang komputer, maka anda akan segera mengetahui kalau itu adalah nama dari software untuk membangun jaringan virtual privat.

Dan bila anda mengetik kata itu di search engine Google,  Yahoo atau Bing, maka  yang keluar adalah hamachi nama software dan bukan hamachi nama ikan. Jadi salahkah kesimpulan berikut ini, kalau ternyata apa yang dibuat manusia dalam hal ini software lebih terkenal daripada apa yang dibuat oleh sang pencipta dalam hal ini ikan. Kalau anda mengetik “ikan hamachi” di search engine, barulah keluar situs-situs yang berhubungan dengan ikan hamachi.

Anehnya lagi software hamachi yang menggunakan nama ikan sebagai merknya, sama sekali tidak menggunakan gambar ikan atau bagian dari ikan sebagai lambangnya. Tapi malah menggunakan lingkaran biru dengan 3 lingkaran putih didalamnya atau kebalikannya lingkaran putih dengan 3 lingkaran biru didalamnya.

Atau apakah ini tanda bahwa manusia sudah lebih meninggikan dirinya sendiri daripada meninggikan sang penciptanya ? Seperti kisah di alkitab Perjanjian Lama di mana ketika sebuah bangsa hendak membangun menara Babel untuk menyaingi kebesaran sang pencipta ? Semoga kesimpulan  ini keliru.

Saya pernah melihat film Amerika Cape Fear yang  disutradarai oleh Martin Scorsese beberapa dekade yang lalu. Film ini sangat menarik perhatian saya  terutama karakter psikopat Max Cady (diperankan oleh Robert De Niro) yang mengutip sebuah ayat Silesius. Kutipannya adalah :

Aku seperti Tuhan dan Tuhan seperti saya.
Saya sebesar  Allah, Dia sekecil saya.
Dia tidak bisa diatas saya,  saya pun tidak  berada di bawahnya.

Tapi  konteks di film  ini tidak sesuai dengan konteks yang dimaksudkan oleh Silesius. Karakter Cady menggunakannya untuk menekankan secara dramatis ke karakter lain (korban dimaksudnya) kekuatan kehendak individu dan  kemampuannya yang seperti Tuhan untuk  kekerasan balas dendam. Konteks yang dimaksudkan oleh Silesius adalah realisasi manusia melalui potensi spiritualnya untuk kesempurnaan bahwa ia berasal dari substansi yang sama dengan Allah dalam arti kesatuan  mistis ilahi atau theosis yang merupakan  pengalaman langsung persekutuan cinta antara orang yang beriman dan Allah sebagai sederajat. ( Wikipedia )


What is your association when you read that word ?

If you are someone whose hobby or work in culinary area, then you will soon know  that it is a name of a fish in Japanese language. Or the other name of yellow tail fish. But if you are someone whose hobby or work in computer area, then you will  soon know that it is a name of a software to build a virtual private network.

And if you type that word in such search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, then what comes out is hamachi as a  name of software and not hamachi as a name of fish. So whether the next conclusion is wrong,  if it turns out to what that human made, in this case is sofware, is more popular than to what that the creator made, in this case is fish. If you type “hamachi fish” in search engine, then at last now comes out sites that related to hamachi fish.

Surprisingly, hamachi software that used a name of fish as its brand,  absolutely did not use a picture of a fish or parts of fish as a symbol at all. But even use a blue circle with 3 white circles inside it or the reverse, white circle with 3 blue circles inside it.

Or is this a sign that people   elevate themselves  more rather than elevating the creator ? As in the biblical story of the Old Testament in which when a nation wants to build the tower of Babel to rival the greatness of the creator? Hopefully this conclusion is erroneous.

I ever saw an American film Cape Fear directed by Martin Scorsese some decades ago. This film attracted me so much especially the character psychopath Max Cady (played by Robert De Niro) who quotes a verse of Silesius. The quote is:

I am like God and God like me.
I am as Large as God, He is as small as I.
He cannot above me, nor I beneath him be.

However, the context of this line in the film does not match the context intended by Silesius. The character of Cady uses it to emphasize dramatically to other characters (his intended victims) the power of his individual will and his god-like ability to exact a violent vengeance. The context intended by Silesius was of man’s realization through his spiritual potential for perfection that he was of the same substance with God in the sense of the mystical divine union or theosis that experience of direct communion of love between the believer and God as equals.  ( Wikipedia )

Could you be loved

This is a story about the school of  my female coworker’s daughter. She is a student of a Catholic senior high school. The school is well known as a good quality school  that implements high discipline to their students. And it was one of favourite schools in my city.

But this Saturday  she was invited to a meeting of teachers and parents. The meeting is about how to handle the deviant usage of internet by the students. The principal said that the students often use internet to browse adultery and porn sites. He suggested the parents to check their child’s computer daily to track what sites they have been visiting. He even explained the detail to do it. Begin with turn on the computer until using the tool of the internet browser to track it.

But the parents argued with him and said that they only met their children in a few hours a day. Beside they still have their own activities. Their children even spend more time at school than at home every Monday until Saturday. Then, how the solution about this topic ? It seems that both sides didn’t make an agreement.  She said that she had enough of the lectures of her daughter’s teachers. Some of the teachers  are seminarians and priests.

Yes, indeed. Internet seems to look alike a double-edged sword. It can be used for good and bad purposes. It depends on the users themselves. And send our children at a good quality school also doesn’t guarantee that our children can become a person with a good morality.

Proverbs 22:6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Ephesians 6:4 Fathers,  do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Numbers, computer world

Cannot be denied, nowadays all areas of life have been using  computer. Computerized. Ranging from entertainment, educational, social, business to religion has been using computer. We can even listen to sermons via internet. Wanna calculate ? It’s a piece of cake. It even doesn’t need a computer to do it.  Just need a calculator. A very simple model of computer.  Let alone to count,  computer can also make artificial intelligence applications that are replicas of the human brain,  So, want to calculate how much 70 times 7 ? It must be 490.  No doubt about it.

Now, back in our business. Dirty business. Crossdressing. God says ” A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this. ” ( Deuteronomy 22:5 ). Our habit seems to displease Him. In other word, we have sinned. Then we must ask forgiveness of God. We maybe ask until how many times He forgive us ? God says 70 times 7, when Peter asked Him  ( Matthew 18:22 ). As we calculated above, the result of 70 times 7 is 490. You can try it yourself if you don’t believe it.

Now in my own case, I do crossdressing almost every weekend. 1 year is 365 days,  1 year has 52 weeks. 490 divided by 52 is about 9.42.  So if I do crossdressing every weekend until 10 years or more , will my sins still be forgiven by God ? Because the result is over than 490.

Why He doesn’t say 7 divided by 0 ? Because the result surely be uncountable. But who am I to give Him advice ? ( Isaiah 40:13 ). Not a priest or rabbi or a monk, not even a religious man. I’m just a crossdresser only.  Does God ever say  wrong ? I don’t believe it. The most plausible reason is it all just metaphorical. Beside Peter who asked Him is a humble man, a fisherman.

And the most important thing is we must fight against whatever that displease Him. The question is : can I fight my own desire to do crossdressing ? I don’t know, I’m not sure. May God give me strength to fight it.