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Watching Over You

Oh, I really understand what you need, darling. It’s good to have a sleep tight and sweet dreams to accompany your sleep. With your body lies very safely  on your bed with your hands and feet nicely tied tightly. You can’t toss and turn, so you can’t drop out of the bed.  And you have soother in your mouth. But you forget one thing that is a lullaby to accompany your sleep. So here it is my lullaby for you. You may hum to this song, while your mouth is sucking your soother.  Sleep tight just like a baby, darling.

Good night, good night…. Look at that moon shine so bright.
And tonight he smiles especially for you.

Sleep tight, sleep tight. Know everything is alright.
And tonight I will be here watching over you.

For tonight I will be here watching over you.
Tonight I’ll be here watching over you.

Sweet dreams, sweet dreams. It is never as real as it seems.
And in the morning when you wake up I will be right here.

Sleep on, sleep on. For no matter how dark or how long
It may seem that your night is I will still be here.

I will still be here watching, watching over you.
So sleep, little darling, sleep on through.

So be still, be still For you know that I always will
Tonight and forever be watching over you.

For tonight and forever, be watching over you.
So sleep, little darling, sleep on through.

I will be watching over you.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

There may be an om in moment
But there’s very few folk in focus
Not the first, not the last, not the least.
You needn’t be well to be wealthy
But you’ve got to be whole to be holy
Fetch the rope, fetch the clock, fetch the priest.
Oh this planet of ours is a mess
I bet Heaven’s the same
Look the madman said, “Son,
As a friend, tell me what’s in a name,”
Hallowed be thy name.

I give you the state of statesmen
And the key to what motivates them
On the left, on the right, on the nail
Still I don’t see a man in a mansion
That an accurate pen won’t puncture
Go to town, go to hell, go to jail.
And there’s bars and saloons
Where the jukebox plays blues in the night
Till the madman says “Son,
Time to go we could both use some light”
And thy will be done.

We live in an age of cages
The tale of an ape escaping
In the search for some truth he can use
But many a drunk got drunker
And mostly a thinker, thunker
Set the place, set the time, set the fuse,
The optimist laughed and the pessimist cried in his wine
And the madman said “Son,
Take a word they’ll all wake given time”
Let thy kingdom come

The madman and I got drunker
Till both thought the other thank you
And we laughed all the way to the stars
The optimist asked for a taste of the pessimist’s wine
And the madman said “Son,
How do you feel?” I said “Me? I feel fine
Lead me into temptation
Into temptation
I said into temptation
I need my allocation of recreation
I want a revelation in degradation
No hesitation, give me variation, give me inspiration…”

One day I chat with my friend. He is a crossdresser. One thing leads to another. He said that he ever asked a priest about  this question, is it sinful if  a man dressed  like a woman ? The priest said that it is not sinful as long as a man only dressed up in woman dress and not more. But if he masturbated while imagining a girl, that is a sin. About a verse in Old Testament that says God dislike a man who dressed like a woman ( Deuteronomy 22:5 ), he said that it was not in used anymore. Nowadays that is in use is the New Testament.

Truly I’m a bit  confused with what he said. Did he say the truth or tell a lie ? But I think he told the truth. So, in my thought the church itself now consider a man dressed up in a woman dress as not sinful. If that is really true, so I can do crossdressing with relieved. As long as I don’t masturbate with imagining a girl in my fantasy.

But what if the priest drunk when he said that ? I think that possibility is small.  Or he is just too optimistic ? I don’t think so,  because there’s rules in church that regulate everything.

One of my friend who is a former crossdresser after succeeded stopping from his crossdressing still doubted whether crossdressing is a sin or not. After all what he has done with diligently, he still said maybe crossdressing is not a sin.

My crossdresser friend then continued his explanation. He said that is a sin if a man changes his sex, because sex is a gift from God. But in Indonesia, we have an artist who was a male then did a sex surgery and became a female. Finally she became a hajjah as well. Whether our planet is in a mess?

If so, I need my allocation of recreation. I want a revelation in degradation. No hesitation, give me variation, give me inspiration. Oh, sorry! I just carried away and follow to sing that song.

Brain Salad Surgery

Brain Salad Surgery It will murder you, it murdered me
We made it for our enemy Brain Salad Surgery

We’ve got a ballad About a salad brain
with assurgence in a dirty bit again.

Brain Salad Surgery It will work for you, it works for me
Brain rot perversity Brain Salad Surgery

We’ve got a ballad About a salad brain
with assurgence in a dirty bit again.

ELP was one of the famous rock band in 1970’s until 1990’s. The members were Keith Emerson who played keyboard, Greg Lake who played bass and Carl Palmer who played drum. But then Carl Palmer retired and replaced by Cozy Powell.

Their songs actually were not straight rock. But usually said as classic rock. Wikipedia called their music as progressive rock. Actually their songs were varied. Classic, ballad, blues, rock, jazz. Maybe because each one of the members has different views. Keith Emerson seemed to prefer classic, Greg Lake seemed to prefer folk.

This song was composed by Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Peter Sinfield. It was about surgery that planned for the enemy. Futuristic ? In movies, there are some movies with this theme. The series of Universal Soldier.

About last year, the coach of Italian soccer club Juventus, Antonio Conte said that Marco Materazzi’s  brain needs to be transplanted as an answer for what Marco Materazzi said that Antonio Conte needs  a hair transplant. A psy war.

Me myself also ever had surgery,  not brain surgery. But one of my vital organs. I was so lucky that time, because all of my family agreed and supported me. By that time I already knew the consequency of the operation, between  dare and afraid. But I had made my mind up. I knew that the operation must be done for the continuation of my life. Maybe after that operation my voice could change.

It happened when I was still in school. I was put into the operating room by the nurse. My arms and legs were tied  by the nurse. I was helpless and scared.  I was anesthetized locally. That was the most scariest thing for me. I was told to count number from one until I become unconscious. When I  conscious. I was lying on hospital bed. It was so painful. I almost couldn’t talk.

Thanks God, the pain was gradually ended. The operation was successful. Finally I could go home. I was happy, mom picked me up to go home Although I had to learn to talk almost all over again with different way. I had to talk softly.

Actually it’s not sex surgery in Thailand. But just tonsil surgery, tonsillectomy.

Closer to believing

Today I read a posting from my friend titled Healing Doesn’t Mean No More Temptations. It answered my question in my earlier posting. It says for some people who want to quit from their crossdressing, the miracles if it can be said so happen to them. They can quit. But for the others, the miracles don’t happen,  desires for crossdressing and temptations will only gradually lessen.

In reality, we are only human. And  to err is human to forgive divine. Even when Paul appealed to the Lord to remove the thorn that was given to him in his flesh, the Lord said to him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. ( 2 Corinthians 12:9 )

Maybe if we compare it with the world of health, we look alike  an outpatient and must take medication every day until the end of our life. We must deal with medicine and disease in our whole life.

I am closer to believing
Than I ever was before
On the crest of this elation
Must I crash upon the shore
And with the driftwood of acquaintance
Light the fire to love once more
I am wind blown…i am times.

To be closer to believing
To be just a breath away
On the death of inspiration
I would buy back yesterday
But there’s no crueller illusion
There’s no sharper coin to pay
As I reach out… it slips away

From the opium of custom
To the ledges of extremes
Don’t believe it till you’ve held it
Life is seldom what it seems
But lay your heart upon the table
And in the shuffling of dreams
Remember who on earth you are

I need me
You need you
We want us

But of course you know I love you
Or what else am I here for
Only you not face to face
But side by side for evermore
And I need to be here with you
For without you what am i
Just another fool out searching
For some heaven in the sky
Take me closer to believing
Take me forward lead me on
Through collision and confusion
While there’s life beneath the sun
You are the reason I continue
So near for so long
So close yet so far away

I need me
You need you
We want us to live forever
So don’t let the curtain fall
Measure after measure
Of writing on the wall
That burns so brightly
It blinds us all

I need me
You need you
We want us to be together
On sundays in the rain
Closer than forever
Against or with the grain
To ride the storms of love again

So be closer to believing
Though your world is torn apart
For a moment changes all things
And to end is but to start
And if your journey’s unrewarded
May your God lift up your heart
You are windblown
But you are mine

Merry christmas and happy new year 2012

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